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How To Treat Your Agonising Back Pain

Having back pain can be completely debilitating. Whether you’re suffering with an ache here and there after a long day, or full on crippling pain that prevents you from moving around much, it can quickly get on top of you and cause you to feel low and helpless. There are many factors that can contribute to back pain, so we’ve put together this guide on treating back pain so that you can gain comfort sooner rather than later.

Look at your lifestyle

Whether your back pain was caused by injury or not, the lifestyle you lead could be greatly contributing to how badly you suffer. If you’re overweight or inactive, you will be putting a lot of pressure onto your spine which in turn, will be causing the pain you’re experiencing. Ignoring the fact that your lifestyle could be the reason you’re in so much pain could lead to you needing surgery from a neurosurgeon such as Dr Timothy Steel, and of course this is something you’d want to avoid if possible as surgery can take a long time to heal from.

Alternate between heat and ice

One of the biggest problems that people with back pain face is whether to use heat or ice to treat the problem. This is because quite often, the source of your back pain is unknown; therefore treating it can prove difficult. Alternating between the two is a great way of alleviating pain throughout the day. Heat will soothe your pain and make it easier to move around, while ice will help reduce any swelling and also help numb the area so that you’re able to continue as normally as possible. Unless specified by your Doctor, try alternating between both to gain as much relief as possible.

Get moving

The last thing you want to be doing right now is moving, but sometimes being stationary for too long won’t do you back any favours either. This is because lack of movement can cause muscles and joints to seize up; therefore making it harder to move when you actually need to. While it’s important to rest your back and not overdo it, try and keep yourself moving to prevent yourself from seizing up and being in more pain than needed.

Keep up with the NSAIDs

Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a great way of finding relief from pain quickly. However, short term use might not do the trick for you as the effects wear off quickly. It’s important to take regular NSAIDs to ensure that the pain relief stays in your system so that you’re able to continue as normally as possible with your day to day activities. Remember to follow the guidelines on how much to take and also confirm with your GP first.

Back pain is awful, but there are many ways to relieve yourself without the need for a Doctor. Try these methods to see if you can find yourself some relief!

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