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3 Things to Do If You Get a Job That Makes You Location Independent

A huge number of people these days are really taken by the idea of becoming “location independent” workers, and of becoming the masters of their own space, and time, while still engaging in the wider professional world and earning a good living.

Whether your vision is to become an entrepreneur, and to ride to success on the back of your start-up, or to become a freelance copywriter, and travel the world with only your trusty laptop coming along for the ride, the opportunities for this kind of “Digital Nomad” lifestyle are now virtually endless.

But what happens when the dream turns into a reality, and you find yourself in a position where you really are “location independent?”

Well, here are a few things to do if that does actually happen.


Set yourself some real and tangible professional goals to work towards


When people begin to work from home, or from any location of their choosing that isn’t the office, there’s a risk of things “falling apart” in a sense, and becoming a bit unfocused.

There’s a particular risk of this happening if becoming location independent was your “big dream,” and once you’ve attained it, you then find that you are short of a dream and not sure where to turn next.

When you’re your own boss, and are working from home, it’s essential that you are able to rally your resources and give structure and purpose to your daily routine. And a big part of that means that you need to be able to set yourself some real, tangible, professional goals to work towards.

So, get setting some goals.


Don’t stay in your home office all the time – find excuses to go out, change scenery, and see interesting things


Just because you can work from home, doesn’t mean that you should work from home all the time, while wearing the same old pair of jeans and hoodie that you already wore three times in the past week.

There’s a lot of freedom and possibility that comes with being able to work from wherever you please, so you should by all means take advantage of that and find excuses to go out from time to time, experience a change of scenery, and see interesting things.

This can mean booking a hotel in some interesting location and working there, in between day trips into town.


Find, or make, undistracted time for your work


One of the major risks with working from home is that you may be extra susceptible to interruption by your family, partner, or housemates.

As the author Cal Newport notes in his book “Deep Work,” however, it’s the ability to filter out distraction and do focused work that really leads to success in complex professional endeavours.

So, you’ve got to find, or make, undistracted time for your work every day. That may mean waking up a couple of hours before anyone else is awake, or booking yourself a temporary office location in town to work from.

Just be sure that you’re able to actually get your work done, instead of procrastinating all day.

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