3 Reasons Why You Should Use Surveys in Your Business

There are a lot of different tools and strategies that people use to try and get a competitive edge in business. Even within a single office, you may find different “teams” who each believe deeply in different project management systems, and who are almost willing to come to blows because of those differences. 

Kanban and Scrum systems often “butt heads” in this way.

One system that has thus far stood the test of time, and transitioned very well into the digital age, however, is the good old survey.

Here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider using surveys in your business.


You can integrate them, carefully, just about everywhere


It used to be the case that the owners of start-ups would have to stand on street corners with clipboards if they wanted to have surveys filled out. Or, at least, they’d get other people to do the job for them.

These days, Online Survey Products can be incorporated and integrated just about everywhere, and in ways that are both unobtrusive and likely to get engagements and generate useful data.

You could, for example, include short monthly surveys in your newsletter or bulletin. Or you could ask a couple of carefully selected questions at the end of a payment process on your web store.

Surveys are incredibly versatile, and are still one of the most reliable ways of collecting useful data that exists.


They provide the kind of customer insight and perspective that should be at the core of your strategy formulation


As a business owner, your core role and responsibility is to identify a “need” felt by the customer, and to do the best you can to create an effective way of meeting that need, and resolving any associated problems.

Surveys are vital for providing exactly the kind of customer insight and perspective that should be at the core of your strategy formulation.

If all of your customers complain about a certain feature being lacking, or difficult to understand on your website – or if plenty of them complain about the difficulty of contacting you – those are clear indications that work needs to be done in those crucial areas.

Surveys can also reveal the direction of customer interest, and market forces. If you sense that a certain expectation is rising, you should be able to react to that promptly.


You can often collect huge numbers of opinions, and massive amounts of feedback, in a short space of time


Surveys are also extremely useful, because they make it possible to collect huge numbers of opinions, and massive amounts of feedback, in a remarkably short space of time – at least, depending on how you go about the process.

Interviewing people in person is a slow and laborious process. Gathering official statistics provides only an impersonal picture.

Survey data, however, can give you an insight into what hundreds, or thousands, of your customers think and feel about some essential topics, in only a matter of days, or even hours.

Clearly, that’s pretty useful.

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