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Making The Customer Experience A Priority With Your Business

Starting up a business can often feel like a dream at times. You have an idea, something that sticks with you and just fills you with passion and motivation, and you just know that you need to make it your reality. Once you take that plunge and make it happen, you start to build up your business from nothing and turn it into a success. 

By doing so, you start to realise that there is so much to running your business than just getting the business plan in order and getting the sales in. It is about promotion online and physically, it is about having a website that not only holds all of the information but it also has the facility for people to make purchases. It is about ensuring that you make the customer experience something not to be forgotten. By doing so, you get the chance to have marketing that money just cannot buy. Word of mouth publicity. But how do you focus on making the customers experience a priority? Here are some of the things to consider.

Personalised or custom packaging

A great way to make something feel special to a customer, especially when they have ordered a product is the packaging. It is always exciting to receive a delivery for something, and if the packaging is looking equally as enticing, then that just adds to the joy. You could look into custom packaging, different boxes and outer packaging. But you could also look into any ways that you can personalise the packaging. These days many people like to share what they are doing online, and so the packaging sidle fo things may make for a great picture opportunity for your customer, who will then share and tag you online. This all adds to your expose. Happy customers, good business sharing, it all works.

Keeping the customer informed throughout the process

The next thing you might want to consider when it comes to the customer experience is to think about keeping them informed throughout the whole process. This is easier to do than you might think. For starters, it is about keeping them well aware of offers and services. This might be getting them to subscribe to mailing lists so they get regular email updates, or simply keeping your audience engaged on social media. Once a purchase has been made it helps a customer to feel important if they are made aware of the process. Such as estimated delivery time or an appointment that you are booked in to see them. Lastly, allow the customer to be made aware of any final details. These updates can by done by email or phone call, but more recently people are using social media. Which brings us to the next point.

Making it special with announcements on social media

People like to share their lives online and through their social media applications and platforms, so what better way than to help them share by sharing your own announcements about their purchases. Of course, with their permission. It could be that the service they required gave great results and you want to share the success. Or maybe it is an exciting purchase for a big birthday or a milestone anniversary. As long as you have their permission to share, this can be a great way to enhance your social media audience as well as creating interesting content.

Offering deals for repeat business

Sometimes you have a business that will benefit from repeat custom, and so contacting your existing customer base can be a great way to gain some repeat business. Offering up different deals to entice them back once more can be a great way to do it. You could also look at things like referral codes and discounts, a chance for them to earn commission for sending customers your way, or even just enticing them back with great discounts personal to them. Repeat business should be one of the easier steps sources of sales, as if you do the job right the first time, they will want to be a customer once again.

Focusing on the local customers to generate more business

Finally, focusing on your local customers to generate more business can be a great way to build up your customer base. Local customers now want to use businesses that are in their vicinity. This means getting involved in the community, being present at local events and making it easier to be part of your business by shopping locally and supporting your business.

Let’s hope these tips help you to make the customer experience a priority.

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