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Top Tips For Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful one, but with the right knowledge, the process can be a lot easier and a more enjoyable one. Depending on your new location, you may need to consider different factors depending on the distance of your move from the old property to the new one. So whether this is your first time or you’ve done it before, here are some top tips for moving house to use for your next move. 

Make A Plan

Before you start doing any of the physical packing or moving of your home, you want to make a plan. Having a plan will ensure that you keep on schedule for everything, that all aspects of the move are covered and that you’ve got something to refer to if you get lost. You might want to write it all down on paper, put it in an Excel spreadsheet or an online scheduler. Whoever you’re moving with, make sure they have access to the plan too so that you are both on the same page. The plan can also help delegate jobs to whoever’s in the household that can help out. For your plan, make sure you include your move out and move in dates. Make a list of all the jobs you need to do (including what we’ll mention below) and how they’ll be assigned. It’s important that this moving process goes as seamlessly as possible and having a plan will help this to happen.


Declutter Before You Start Packing

Decluttering is useful because of how much we all tend to hoard over the years. You’ll be surprised by just how much you pull from drawers, cupboards and storage boxes. Before you even think about packing, you want to go room by room and lay out everything that you own. Ask yourself whether you use the item, whether it has a value and if it’s something that brings you joy when you look at it. If it’s no to all of the above then it’s time to chuck it out. Create three separate piles, one for the bin, one for recycling and one for giving to your local charity. Give yourself the challenge to fill up as many bags as you possibly can and once you’ve gone through everything, go through the remainder again just to make sure.

Once you’ve done all of the rooms in your property, you’ll likely notice a huge difference in the amount of stuff you now have. It’s a very cleansing process and one you should be doing regularly in order to stay on top of the hoarding. It’s a great way of starting fresh when you move to your new property, knowing you’ve gotten rid of a lot of rubbish you’ve collected over time.


Start Packing As Early As You Can

Packing early is crucial because this can be the most stressful aspect of the move because even after a declutter, there’s probably a lot of things to pack. Therefore, it’s good to have everything you need for packing ideally just before you get your move-in date confirmed. You’ll need the following packaging materials:

  • A range of cardboard boxes in different sizes. You may also want to consider getting more heavy duty boxes for more obscure items and those that are fragile.
  • Packing tape and scissors.
  • Labels and marker pens.
  • Bubblewrap and old newspapers for padding. Consider buying some stretch wrap for furniture.

As a tip, start packing rooms and items that you’ll need to use the least. These should be things you can go for a month or two without. That way, you’ve got some of it packed and ready to go already. You should also pack yourself an essentials box, closer to the time. This should contain things that you’ll need on a daily basis, just in case for some reason, you won’t be able to unpack on the day you move in.


Pick Out The Right Removal Company

Moving all your valuables is something that shouldn’t be considered lightly. You’ll want the right removal company handling your furniture and getting it safely from way location to the other. With removal companies, they heavily rely on positive reviews from customers who’ve used their services because, without them, new customers won’t trust they can do the job without proof. So when it comes to picking out a removal company, look at the customer reviews. You can probably filter out those who have a genuine complaint towards the company and those who just maybe had a bad day. Look at the reviews before you reach out and ask for a quote and don’t forget to shop around and compare prices. When it comes to the really sentimental value items that are small enough to carry or put in your car if you have one, it’s best to keep it on your person. Even the most reputable and professional companies can’t help human error.


Consider Interstate Car Transport

In the event that your new home is in another state, you might want to consider getting interstate car transport. This will save you having to drive the car yourself a long distance. Some car transport companies will usually transport your car with other vehicles on flat wagons, bumper to bumper. This isn’t necessarily the safest option for your car, so look for companies like Jayde who transport your car in a separate container. This will minimize the amount of potential damage that could be caused if there’s an accident by another vehicle on the wagon. This is also a great option if you find yourself left with a few pieces of furniture or household items that you hadn’t catered to go into the removal van. You can store these in your car!


Pack And Label Efficiently

It’s useful to make sure that when you are packing, that you pack and label the boxes efficiently. You could pack everything perfectly but without noting what’s in them or labelling the outside, it could be anyone’s guess as to what box is going in which room at your new property. So make sure you label every single box or item clearly using a marker pen or label to tell yourself and your removal drivers where to put everything. Add a brief overview of the contents on the outside too and make sure you’ve got a list that goes with your plan of everything and anything that’s in each box. It helps then when it comes to unloading on the other side, just in case anything goes missing. Some removal vans won’t be exclusively packing and going straight to your new property, they may have multiple moves that day. You may want to specify this though if it’s something they offer.


Arrange Your Utilities ASAP

Your utilities are important, especially when it comes to cancelling any that you no longer require. After all, you want to avoid any nasty bills that crop up six months later down the line. Make a list of all your utility providers that you currently use and any that you need to notify of your move. Any that you need to cancel, make sure to get in touch with asap, so that are able to acquire a final bill before moving. The cost of moving is already expensive enough, so the sooner you do this, the better.

When it comes to arranging your utilities for the new property, some providers like your internet and television network may take longer to get in terms of a call out, so book these as far in advance as you possibly can.


Get Time Off Work For The Move

Moving can be stressful, and if you’re still going to work, then you risk burning the candle at both ends and making the experience a lot more exciting than it could be. Therefore, it might be worthwhile taking some time off work for your move. That might be a day before your move and one or two days after so that you are able to settle into your new home. This will help make the whole experience more positive, and you can relax a little bit more after what is likely going to be a tiring few days.


Cancel Or Forward On Your Mail

And finally, like your utility bills, you should be notifying your change of address so that any future mail will go straight to your new property. There may also be a forwarding service that you can pay for which forwards your mail on for a month or so after your move. This helps with any companies you are unsure of if they send you mail or not. We can’t remember everything we subscribe to, so it’s just a good backup system to have.

Moving house is exciting, and no matter how many times you move, even though the process may be stressful, it’s still a life event to enjoy. So take these tips with you on your next big move for an easier and more memorable experience.

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