The Dos and Don’ts Of Office Renovations

An office renovation is an awesome way of providing your small business with a better workplace. It’s a fantastic alternative to moving offices as you don’t need to change your business address, you can keep most of your stuff, and so on.

But, it can be quite stressful to deal with an office renovation, so here are some things you should and shouldn’t do:

Do: Improve your business with the renovation

Ideally, the whole point of your renovation should be to bring something new to your company. A brand new working environment can be designed to enhance productivity. As such, your business improves. An office renovation can provide you with more space, allowing employees to feel more comfortable. As a result, they’re happier at work, leading to better retention rates and concentration. The point is that you should only carry out an office renovation if you have clear plans for it to improve your business in some way.

Don’t: Stop working

No matter how extensive or invasive an office renovation is, you shouldn’t stop working. When your small business stops, then you lose money. You could miss out on getting some great leads, you can lose sales opportunities; it’s not worth it. Therefore, you need to stay operational during the renovation. If this means your team all has to work remotely, then so be it! Just make sure you carry on as usual as possible.

Do: Find a safe way of disposing any office waste

Part of your renovation may include knocking down walls, ripping up carpet, or getting rid of old office furniture. As such, to make your life easier, you need to dispose of all this waste safely. A skip bin can do the job for you; just get one outside your office, so it’s easy for anyone to dispose of waste. The benefit of skip bin hire is that the company you hire from tends to get rid of the contents for you. So, make sure you find a company that uses safe and environmentally-friendly disposal methods.

Don’t: Settle for below-par contractors

It’s unwise to renovate your office all by yourself – unless you’re an experienced contractor. Instead, you’ll need to hire people to do it for you. So, don’t settle for a sub-par team of contractors. Ensure you hire a team that has proven themselves before and can get the job done efficiently. Lazy and unreliable contractors can drag a job out for weeks, meaning your business is disrupted for a long time. Take the time to research contractors in your area so you can find the very best ones for the job. Remember, this is an investment in your business; the renovation will improve it. So, don’t be afraid to splash the cash if it means you get the best results.

These words of wisdom will make office renovations less stressful for you – and less or a burden on your small business. If you feel like your company has hit a wall and you’re stagnating, then consider upgrading your office to breathe new life into the business. It’ll stun you to see how things can change after this!

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