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Maximise Space in Your Home with a Renovation

When you choose to renovate your home, you usually have a specific purpose in mind. Maybe you just want to update your property so it’s more modern or so you can make it look like new again. However, many people choose to renovate because they want to make better use of the space that they have. You might have a smaller home, or you could have plenty of space, but you’re not sure that you’re using it in the most economical way. If you want to make better use of the space that you have, renovating can help to open up your home or even just help it to look bigger.

Hire an Architect to Help

If you decide to renovate your home, hiring an architect will ensure you can achieve the results that you want. There are occasions when an architect isn’t necessary for home improvements. If you’re installing a new kitchen or changing other internal fixtures, you’re unlikely to need one. But if you want to make significant changes to the structure of your home, whether internally or externally, an architect is essential. They will listen to what you want and help you to rearrange the space within your home with a design that works for you.

Finding the right architect is a process that you should take seriously. While many architects may have similar qualifications and even levels of experience, you need an architect who understands you and what you want to do with your home. When you’re choosing an architect, you should talk to some about what you want to do and how they can help you. Getting a quote is important, but you also need to hear their ideas for how you can make smart changes to your home. The best architect won’t always be the cheapest one.

Examine Dead Space

When you want to make better use of the available space in your home, you should think about the space that you don’t already use. Many homes can have small spaces that don’t really serve any purpose. But these spaces could be more useful with some changes, such as extending your property, removing walls or even just thinking of new ways to use the existing space. Rearranging and remodelling your home can help you to make use of all of the space that you have so that none of it goes to waste. An architect or an interior designer can help you.

Consider Knocking Out Walls

Often a home can have plenty of space, but it might be divided up in the wrong way. Opening up space instead of having it divided into different rooms or even changing the layout of the rooms can make a big difference. While it might seem like a huge move to remove a wall, it can help you to use the space in your home in a different way. For example, removing a wall between a hallway and a room means that you extend the room and benefit from more space. As a hallway, it might have seemed like a small amount of space, but when added onto the room, it can feel a lot bigger.

Extend or Convert to Add Space

Making use of an area of your home that isn’t currently liveable can help you to add more space. You might be able to extend the existing building to add another room or two or to extend an existing room. Or you might consider converting an attic or basement into a liveable space. Of course, before you do any of this, you need to make sure that it’s possible to do what you want. It’s not always easy to add an extension or to convert a space, so you need to know if it’s going to be expensive or if it might take a long time.

Declutter Your Fixtures and Fittings

The way that you use the space in your home is just as important as how much space there is. As well as considering your choice and layout of furniture, you should also think about your fixtures and fittings. They can also take up a lot of space, but removing or replacing some features could help to give you more space or just make your home look bigger. When you choose a bin hire service for your renovations, you can make sure that you have somewhere to dispose of any fixtures that you might want to remove. Or you can consider finding a way to recycle them.

Think About How You Use Your Space

To renovate your home so that you can use the space well, you should consider how you use your home, or how you want to use it. There might be lots of things that you want to do with your home, but the layout or the size could be in the way. For example, think about how you use your home as a family. Do you need spaces for the kids to play and to do their homework? Do you want to be able to see them when they’re playing outside? What sort of spaces do you need where you can spend time together as a family?

Prioritise the Right Storage

One of the ways you think about how you use the space in your home is how you make use of storage. There are many different types of storage solution, and there is even the possibility of custom storage created to fit your needs. Thinking about the kinds of things that you need to store and the rooms where you might need storage most should help you to plan the best use of your space. Whether you need lots of bookshelves, somewhere to puts toys in every room or a large wine rack in the kitchen, design your storage so that it works for your needs.

Use Light to Open Up Space

Making the most of the space that you have isn’t always about making things bigger. Just making it seem as if the space is bigger can be enough. If you want to make a room look bigger, ensuring there is plenty of light is essential. Letting in natural light should help to make your home look bigger, so you might want to consider adding windows where there were none before or installing larger windows. Blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors with windows and glass doors can also help to open up your home and make it appear larger.

Allow for Empty Space

Negative space is essential if you want to make your home look bigger. You should consider how to leave some space empty so that everything isn’t too crowded. If you want to give your eyes a rest while looking around a room or you just want to be sure that there is space for you to move, think about which space you shouldn’t use, as well as how best to use the space that you do use. This is an important thing to consider during renovations if you’re thinking about what fixtures and fittings to add.

Add Vertical Space

As well as considering how much floor space you have, considering the amount of vertical space available is also a good idea. If you feel that your ceilings are not high enough, they can sometimes be raised to provide more space. It might not be space that you make use of, but it will give the impression of your home being bigger. It can also be space that you can use, especially as you can use vertical space for storage or just for decorative items that you hang on the wall. Even without higher ceilings, making use of the vertical space should help.

Use Fixtures That Can Be Moved

If you want to get inventive with your home renovations, you can think about fixtures that are movable. Consider things like tables that can be folded against the wall so that you can fold them away when you’re not using them. These fixtures give you more flexibility with your space so that you can use it however you want. Anything that can be folded up or perhaps stored away in a cupboard when you’re not using it can help to save space and make your home more flexible.

Maximise Outdoor Living

If you are updating your home, thinking about how you use your outdoor space is a smart idea. You can maximise the space that you have for outdoor living, whether you choose to build a permanent structure or you want to add a deck or patio to the space. Your outdoor space can help you to make use of all of your home and offer you functional space that everyone can use. You can turn it into somewhere to eat, cook or just hang out and socialise. You might consider something that requires an architect or perhaps help from a landscaper.

When you want to make the most of the space in your home during remodelling, there are many ways for you to make changes. Before you start, think about how you want to use the space.

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