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When Can You Save A Struggling Relationship?

Building a solid relationship is a full-time commitment. Of course, everybody dreams of the perfect, happy relationship, but most people forget that happy couples work hard to make it happen. Indeed, it seems strange to assume that happiness in your couple has to imply that you share the same ideas and interests. While you do need a common base, disagreements and diverging views are at the heart of your relationship. The key is not to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist. If you want your couple to survive the first disagreement, you need to face your differences with your eyes wide open.

Do conflicts mean failure? The truth is that disputes can occur from time to time. They are an indication of struggles, of elements in your relationship that need to be addressed. As you focus your attention on problem areas, you can figure out for yourself whether you want to solve the issues or let them drive you apart.

You share the same interests and needs

Life can be stressful at times, and when you’re both juggling between a hectic career and your relationship, it can be difficult to feel like you are still in sync with your partner. Stress can lead to arguments and angry words, even when there is no issue between the both of you. However, if you have enough in common, you can find a way to work it out. It’s essential to take the time to discuss your priorities for the couple and figure out whether you are both in agreement or not. When you’re going through a hard time at work or with your family, it can affect your relationship and stand between you and your partner. But making time to reconnect and talk honestly can not only help you to clear disagreements but also encourage a more supportive bond.

The underlying issue is something your partner is aware of

Nobody is perfect. While you accept the statement when you are in a couple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have expectations on your partner. For instance, it can be challenging to trust someone who is addicted to a bad habit, especially if they are unable to manage their addiction. But there is help available if your partner is willing to try, from sex therapist to gambling counsellor. Nobody says that it’s going to be an easy journey to get rid of harmful habits. But when you both take the first step together, you’re more likely to get closer and stronger during the journey.

You’ve decided to give a second chance

Mistakes happen. You trusted your partner, but you’ve discovered that they were unfaithful. For some couples, infidelity destroys the relationship. Others choose to stick together and give the cheating partner a second chance. There is no right or wrong; the decision is yours. However, there are indications that a second chance can work in some instances. Ultimately, rebuilding your relationship starts by finding in you the strength to forgive and trust again.

Relationships have highs and lows. Sometimes you disagree, and sometimes you are in sync. Struggles are by no means a symptom of failure. But the way you choose to react to conflicts indicates whether or not you can save your couple.

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