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Find Your Niche

All work and no play does not create a happy workforce, neither does it create a productive workforce. If your downtime is seriously lacking, then chances are you’re stressed, overworked and not performing at your peak.

If this is ringing any bells then it’s time to step away from your laptop for five minutes and think about what you could be doing right now that would distract you from your screen and add some quality time to your life.

It might be that the thought of spending hours sweating at a gym does nothing for you and only adds to the time you spend apart from your family and friends. We take a look at some non-work related activities that are going to add to your quality of life and give your brain and body a boost.


We’re not even joking. Singing as part of a large group of people can be a life changing experience. Feel the power when your voice combines with others to create a wall of beautiful sound. Music is a mood booster in its own right, combine this with singing with a group of like minded people and you have a powerful lift right there. Achieving a shared goal, working together – it’s just like work only much more fun.


We could have chosen any sport really, but this one is great because you cannot take your laptop, mobile phone or tablet in the water with you. You are, quite literally, in at the deep end. No amount of tech is going to make you swim faster, it’s just you and the open water.

You may not have swum since you were a kid so rediscover your joy of gliding through the water with no distractions. If you’re not as confident as you once were, consider swimming lessons and get the kids involved too with winter swim lessons for kids.


Again, we’re serious. This isn’t so much about creating a winter sweater as talking to people. Knitting is the hipster answer to going down the pub. You’ll find a huge variety of people from all backgrounds here and spending time outside your comfort zone is going to be a great distraction.

Of course, you don’t have to choose knitting. Any kind of group setting with a good mix of people is the perfect antidote to a day spent stressed behind your desk. Lose yourself in conversation about the latest books you’ve read, the state of the country and celebrity gossip, anything but talking about work.

These suggestions may seem a little outlandish and you don’t have to sign up to them but the principle is a sound one. Give yourself something outside your work to look forward to and something that involves a new challenge.

Whether singing is your thing, swimming or another sport or something on more of a creative bent, you’ll see your work productivity increase when you’re feeling refreshed, energised and fulfilled. Find your niche today for a happier work day tomorrow.

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