Another healthy snack from Table of Plenty

A new healthy snack that you can eat however and whenever you please! Stack them together, eat them separate, have one a day for the working week, eat them plain or spread with your favourite topping. On the go, at your desk, in the car – they are convenient, easy and mess-free!

I know I prefer to eat mine on Saturday mornings with bacon (bacon soo goes with everything), but hey – whatever floats your boat. I like to think I look more masculine while munching muesli with bacon while sipping a long black (VB if past 2pm) at 10am on a Saturday morning down on Chapel Street. I think for my next healthy snack hit I’ll try a cinnamon and fruit snack topped with beetroot, yet another one of societies underutilised vegetables (is it a vegetable? Stay tuned!

They come in three delicious flavours to suit different tastes:

· Cinnamon & Fruit – Natural cinnamon, apricots and sultanas, topped with muesli – oats and pepitas
· Vanilla & Berries – Natural vanilla flavour, cranberries and sultanas, topped with muesli – oats and sunflower seeds
· Malted Barley – Malted barley flour, apricots and sultanas, topped with muesli – oats, flax seeds and sunflower seeds

Just pop in the toaster to warm, spread with a little butter or jam (or bacon) and enjoy at any time of the day. Easy to eat in the car, at your desk, at home, or on the run, you’ll find Table of Plenty Muesli Breads easy, convenient and mess-free. I haven’t tried to eat one while cycling yet, but I assume it’s easier than trying to eat a meat pie, and lets face it, better for you. I’d be happy to hear suggestions for where and how I might find interesting ways to consume this healthy goodness in the comments below.

Table of Plenty Muesli Bread (RRP $4.99 for Pack of 5) is a delicious, plump, round, flat bread that is packed full of great tasting flavours.

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  1. […] PS: I choose to workout an additional 15 minutes to ensure I can continue eating Bacon on my museli bars. […]

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