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Pain Management: Tips To Make Every Day More Comfortable

If you’re prone to pain, it can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. Even the most simple, mundane tasks can become more difficult, and before you know it, pain is ruling your life. If you do suffer from pain, there are steps you can take. Here are some tips to make every day more comfortable.

Take a look at your posture

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the world, and it is particularly prevalent among office workers and those with sedentary lifestyles. In many cases, pain is exacerbated by poor posture. If you’re slumped in your chair, or you’re stretching to reach a keyboard or see a screen, this will increase pressure on the muscles that surround the spine. If you do spend long periods of time sitting in front of a computer, make sure you’re in the right position. Your back should be straight, your shoulders and your neck should be relaxed, and you should be able to type without reaching for the keys. The monitor should be at eye level, and ideally, you should be able to adjust the height of your desk or chair. Some people prefer to stand while they work, and it’s a good idea to take regular breaks to walk around and stretch your legs.

Condition your body

Prevention is always better than cure. While it’s not always possible to prevent pain, there are ways you can condition your body to make it stronger and more resistant to injury. Exercise frequently, stretch, and take good care of your body. Warm up before you work out, cool down afterwards, and spend time doing activities that improve strength, flexibility, and suppleness. Good examples include yoga and Pilates.

Seek advice

If you suffer from pain on a regular basis, or your symptoms have got worse, you should seek advice from your doctor or look into therapies like massage therapy or osteopathy. There are multiple treatments and remedies that can help to alleviate pain, as well as self-help measures you can employ at home. If you are carrying an injury, or you’re in pain, be very careful when it comes to exercising. Ask your doctor before you do sports of any kind. If you’re prone to back pain, for example, activities like swimming and yoga may be better for you than high-intensity exercise.

Identify triggers

Many of us experience pain in our lifetimes, but often, it’s a temporary response to an accident or injury. If you have chronic pain, try and identify triggers. Are your symptoms worse when you’re tired or stressed, for example? Do certain exercises make the pain worse or better? Does sleeping in a specific position cause you problems? Once you know whether your lifestyle or your routine has a bearing on pain levels and intensity, you can attempt to eliminate those triggers.

Living with pain can be incredibly difficult, but there is help available. If you struggle with pain, seek medical advice, and employ self-help measures to help you spot triggers, correct your posture and try and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

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