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Increase The Value Of Your Home Before You Sell

Everyone wants to make sure that they are increasing the value of their home, and this is the case even more so when it comes to selling. When it’s time to get your property ready for sale, it’s important that you spend money on projects that are going to increase the value of your home. Just be careful not to put too much of yourself in a project, otherwise, you’re alienating some potential buyers.

There are certain projects that you should consider in order to get your home ready for sale as well as ideas that you could consider to massively boost the attraction and value of the home you’re selling. Have a look at these ways that you can help increase the value of your home ready for resale:

Open Plan Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking for a guaranteed increase in value and a fantastic project to sink your teeth into then creating an open plan kitchen space in your home can have that massive impact. It’s one of the easiest rooms to renovate and receive a return on your investment. The kitchen, is for most buyer on of the boxes that needs to be ticked in order for them to put in an offer as it serves as a central hub for families and as a popular hosting space. Obviously you don’t want to go overboard with all the modern technologies if you’re not going to be taking advantage of them yourself but adding in new appliances that do the job will make sure that people get that ‘ready to move in’ feeling which is what buyers are looking for.

Have a think about adding in features such as:

  • Open plan kitchen and dining area – Great for entertaining and keeping an eye on the kids while cooking dinner.  Not to mention the fact that it’s something most people are after nowadays so it really increases your chances of selling quickly and for the right price.
  • A large built-in fridge freezer that’s big enough for a family – This is a key feature that will draw in potential buyers and be useful while you’re still there.
  • A dishwasher- Again something that a lot of buyers now have on their list of requirements.
  •  A kitchen Island– Not only does it create a perfect central point for the kitchen, but it also adds storage and the potential for a breakfast bar to be added.
  • Add a New Backsplash– If you’re not looking to update the whole of the kitchen adding a new backsplash can give any kitchen a new lease of life and make it fresher and cleaner.
  • Featured Lighting- Adding features lighting that hangs over parts of the kitchen or dining table can give your home a luxury, well-maintained look that is sure to add value to potential buyers. Just try not to be too quirky, especially if you’re selling with fittings included as this may not be to everyone tastes.
  • Utility Cupboard- If you don’t have space for a separate utility space then adding a hidden area in the kitchen can help to add more value.

When thinking about the design of the kitchen/diner it’s always best to go for light and bright colours that aren’t too much to one taste. Try sticking to white units and neutral colours, this makes it move in ready and means that whoever purchases can easily add in colours at a later date. If your someone who enjoys a splash of colour, why not bring it in by adding a few pieces of art or some indoor plants.

Extensions And Conversions

Another great way of adding value to a home whether you’re planning on selling or not is by considering an extension, annex or conversion. Adding extra space and maximising the potential of the space you do have is one of the most appealing things you can do for potential buyers. It really shows them what they are getting for their money and maximising the potential profits that you’re going to make.

Some of the potential projects to think about could be:

  • Loft Conversion – A brilliant use for your loft space is to use it as an extra bedroom or create a master suite with ensuite and walk-in Dressing room. It’s a really easy way to secure that increase in value and a massive focus point when selling, a lot of buyers are after a master suite with all the above.
  • Granny Flat–  Whether you want to add the feature for the potential family to live in when the time calls for it or want to add it as a source of extra income, getting granny flat builders in to add this sort of feature can really do wonders for the value of your home. You open yourself up to more people on the market too as you will often find that people want to have something like this so they’re able to have a source fo income so they can afford a larger mortgage.
  • Basement Conversion–  Again this is another high-value increase for anyone wanting to increase the value of their home and a   feature to advertise when selling. You can convert the basement into several different areas such as a chill out family zone, an adults-only zone, an additional income living space (especially if you add a separate entrance and block it off) or maybe a utility area with additional storage.
  • Summer House- A summer house can be a brilliant addition to a garden especially if you have ample outdoor space.  

Remember taking on any of these projects can be tasking however they are most definitely worth it in the long run. Whether you plan on staying in the home or selling it is bound to help increase your value.

Outside Spaces

Adding Value To Your home shouldn’t be just about the interior, getting the perfect look and well-maintained feeling to your home gives it an excellent selling point. You curb appeal should be one of your priorities especially if you’re looking to sell. The front of your house is the first thing anyone sees’s so it’s important to get it right.

Best things to think about when it comes to your outside spaces are:

  • Driveways- You should make sure that your driveways are clear of any debris, repaired if there are any damages, are cleaned (think about a power wash), clear of any weeds and if you can make sure that it is big enough to fit on at least two vehicles.
  • Pathways – Much like with driveways you should make sure that they are clean, clear of debris, no weeds and repaired if there are any damages. If you have a letterbox at the bottom of your pathway make sure this is also maintained well.
  • Garage Door–  It’s important to make sure that any garage has regular services to ensure it’s safe but also that it is maintained to look smart too. If it’s looking a little drab it may be time to replace it or give it a coat of paint. If it’s facing the front of your property then it could have a massive impact on the impression you’re giving out.
  • Front Door/ Porch – These again are the first impression that people get of your home so it’s important to make sure they are maintained well, it may be time to purchase a new door or porch light to give the ultimate first impression to potential buyers.
  • Back Yard – Much like the front of your home the back garden is often a key selling point to any home. Having a tidy, well-presented garden can not only add value but also sign the deal when it comes to selling. So, make sure you have cleared weeds and leaves, cut the lawns, cleaned any decking, pool or patios areas and may be added in some easy to maintain plants. It’s a good idea to have your backyard furniture out if you ’re selling in the summer so that potential buyers can get a good feeling of what space they have.  
  • House Exterior- There’s nothing worst then having a nicely maintained garden, porch and driveway to then get up close and personal to the exterior of the house to find that it needs repairing or that it could do with being updated. A really important thing for you to do even if you’re not reselling is to maintain and keep on top of painting the outside of your property, it really sets the tone for what the expectations of the inside.

There is plenty for you to get on with regarding your outdoor spaces so just stick to the rules of thumb that there should be no overcrowding, everything should be clean, keep on top of such as weeding and cutting lawns and deal with any repairs that need to take place promptly.

Do you have any other ways to increase the value of a home before selling? Please share them in the comments section below.

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