Making Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Businesses are stepping up to the mark when it comes to making themselves more eco-friendly. They have a slightly bigger responsibility, especially when they begin to grow bigger as a company. If your business is looking to make a few changes this year in favour of the environment, here are some tips to make it more eco-friendly.

Recycle IT Equipment Properly

As a company, you’ve likely got plenty of old electrical equipment that’s soon to be thrown out. And instead of giving it to the bin men, you should be recycling this equipment properly. There are plenty of companies out there who will come and collect your old equipment either for free or for a fee. If there’s confidential information on it, there are also options where you can get it securely destroyed. Start creating a pile of old electrical equipment from mice to keyboards, monitors to desktop towers and have a regular recycling collection so that they can be recycled the right way.

Go Paperless

So many businesses will get through a hefty amount of paper on a daily basis, and you can only imagine what that’s doing to the environment. Going paperless is something that can be helpful on the environment but can also have major benefits for you as a company to. By going paperless, you cut down the amount of paper that you need to pay for, and you free up a lot of space in your office and any external storage for filing. Consider making the investment and transferring all those physical files to digital ones. This way you’ve got space to grow in the workplace, and you can also recycle all that paper.

Encourage Staff To Be Greener

It’s not just the business who should be going green but the staff as well. Staff can be encouraged to go greener if you set an example and provide them with initiatives. Create the right environment, where kitchens have the proper disposal units to help separate waste. If it’s a fairly big work site, it might warrant having large water tanks to collect rainfall. Try to encourage cycle to work schemes or rewards for any progress they make in being more eco-friendly.

Be One With Nature

Impressing your clients is always important, and so it’s all about that curb appeal that you need to show off. But this is also where you can promote your greener side by planting lots of shrubs and trees if you have the space to do so. Lots of nature around your business can give you a more visually pleasing aesthetic but also shows those stopping by that you are an environmentally conscious company.

Not only that but indoor plants are very popular nowadays and can do wonders for your staff’s mood as well as cleaning the air they breathe in!

Making these necessary changes to your business can really snowball and helps create a movement in which hopefully many other businesses and households, in general, can follow. Influence others by showing them that we can all change our ways to be kinder to our environment.

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