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Minerals and Vitamins Your Body Will Need More Of

People often say that the Western diet is the cause of premature aging and most of the common health conditions. You might think that you are having enough vitamins and minerals through your diet or supplements, but there are a few of them that we all need more off to support a healthy immune and digestive system and to prevent some of the conditions related to poor nutrition and aging. Of course, a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise will also help. Find out more about the minerals and vitamins your body is missing the most.

Vitamin K

You might not have heard about Vitamin K before, but it is one of the most important ones. It can be found in green leaves, so eating your salad, such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale is crucial. You can also get it from herbs, such as parsley. Vitamin K deficiency can lead to higher risk of Crohn’s disease or celiac disease. Some nutritionists use it to treat osteoporosis. Cheese and different meat products also contain Vitamin K.

Calcium and Vitamin D

To maintain the health of your bones and your joints, you might also want to up your game when it comes to calcium and Vitamin D. Some people think that the only way you can get calcium is through milk, and vegans miss out. You are, indeed, able to get all your Calcium dosage from fruit and vegetables, herbs, and nuts. Vitamin D is necessary for the body to use and absorb Calcium, and the best way to get it is through sunshine.


Magnesium is important to have a balanced immune and nervous system. According to some authors, it helps you sleep better. It helps your body deal with inflammation, and many blood pressure medications contain this mineral. If you have diabetes or a chronic heart condition, you are likely to be prescribed Magnesium, so your body can deal with the stress better. The average adult needs around 300-350 milligrams per day.


If you would like to protect your kidneys and urinary tract help, and allow your body to deal with infections better, you will need alkalis in your diet. In case you don’t like the food that contains alkalis, such as fruit with high acid content, you might opt for an Urinary alkaliniser that will help your body maintain the right balance of acidity.


You need Zinc in your diet, if you have a lowered immune system and would like to fight off bacteria. An average adult needs 8-11 milligrams per day. If you have colitis, had an abdominal surgery, or you are a vegan, you are likely to need more. Zinc deficiency can result in hair loss, lower appetite, and sore eyes. Zinc is also important for a healthy skin and is believed to prevent cold sores.  

To make the most out of your health, you will need to know exactly how much minerals and vitamins your body needs and develop a healthy balanced diet.

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