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10 Incredible Ways That Modern Science & Tech Have Changed The Health Game

Progressions in medical science are arguably our greatest achievement. The evolution in recent decades has been nothing short of phenomenal. Frankly, modern science and technology have completely changed the game, and the results are incredible.  

Here are just 10 ways in which medical science is improving our quality of life as well as life expectancy itself.   

1| Home Remedies   

Once upon a time, being ill meant visiting the doctor or trying to solve the issue with rest and drinking lots of water. In today’s climate, though, pharmacies hold virtually everything you could ever need. Better still, many of them are now located in supermarkets, enabling users to cure a number of ailments at home. From pain relief to overcoming the issue, the rewards are plentiful. 

Aside from the benefits for individuals, this helps reduce the strain on medical services. In turn, this can aid the progress in a variety of other areas. 

2| Digital GP Links 

Home remedies and self-care aren’t the only solutions for quicker responses and pain management. In a world where virtually everyone owns a smartphone, it is possible to speak to a doctor online. By using video chats to a real doctor, it is a very convenient solution for busy people. Moreover, it is deemed by many to be far less embarrassing when speaking about delicate subjects. 

This modern approach to seeing a doctor allows you to pick up prescriptions and gain the same level of support as you would from a traditional route. 

3| Clearing Blood Clots 

Blood clots are a serious issue that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and death. Worse still, the growing obesity problems mean that they are increasingly common, even among younger people. Modern technology is a wonderful thing, though. And the special vacuum can now help clear the blockages before they cause major problems. This new procedure is set to save millions of lives. 

The fact that it is now possible to create products that are small enough to identify and clear blockages in the arteries is crazy. Especially when you think of the situation 50 years ago. 

4| Fat Removal 

As mentioned, obesity is a major problem for our health as well as appearances. There are now a range of treatments that can be used. Surgery including lip suction or gastric band fittings is an option. However, ideas like freezing and flushing the fat to encourage a natural removal offer a far less risky solution. It also gives the skin a better chance to adapt to losing fat cells over several weeks. 

Size isn’t the only important indicator of health, but being too big can cause a plethora of problems. Thanks to medical science, resetting your body to a healthier platform is possible. 

5| DNA Research 

Research has allowed doctors to take their understanding of the human body to a whole new level. It is particularly noticeable at a molecular biological stage. DNA extraction can be used to separate DNA from cells, which can then be used for a wide range of research. It can also play a key role in cloning, which could soon go a long way to solving issues with a lack of organ supply. 

The continued evolution of scientific understanding allows for rapid progress in medical development. The processes are becoming more affordable and accessible too. 

6| Cancer Treatments 

Older generations will remember a time where a cancer diagnosis was almost always a death sentence. Thanks to medical triumphs, such as new breast cancer treatments, millions of people recover to live for decades. Doctors and scientists continue to strive for a cure. Even if that day never comes, survival rates are sure to shoot through the roof. 

On a separate note, screenings allow for earlier identification and quicker plans than ever before. The result is that many lives are saved each year. 

7| Condition Management & Prevention 

Technology can be used to help manage and prevent a range of issues, and not only through new medicines. Devices can be used to treat everything from positional sleep apnea to involuntary muscle movements. As knowledge of the technology continues to grow in terms of awareness, the number of people who can benefit from it will soar. 

Thanks to crowdfunding, startups are now able to get their projects off the ground. This can support the developments made by global giants in a big way.   

8| Advanced Artificial Fertilisation 

For many people, having a child is the most important aspect of life. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get pregnant. Progressions in IVF and associated treatments enable couples to have babies when it previously was not possible. Likewise, surrogates can be used to help couples while single women can use artificial insemination to become a mother. 

While there will never be a solution for everyone, the progress has been remarkable. When combined with fostering and adoption opportunities, everyone that deserves to be a parent can be one.   

9| Drone Technology 

The medical arena isn’t the only environment where tech evolutions are telling. In truth, evolutions in a host of areas can bleed over into the medical field. Drone technology is one of them, as is shown by Ghana’s blood delivery service. Getting up in the air can overcome a number of issues, especially where road facilities aren’t great or traffic plays a role.   

Drone technology is just one example of new tech playing a big role. Virtual Reality is another that is starting to find its way into the healthcare arena for better patient support. 

10| AI Treatments 

Robots can now play a significant role in medicine and healthcare. Robotic systems in the healthcare industry are expected to climb at a rapid rate, with computer-assisted surgery now on the agenda. Computers have already resulted in an incredible shift towards appointment management. This occurs before, during, and after a hospital visit. Meanwhile, 3D printing continues to aid the medical industry.   

This includes the production of parts for equipment as well as patients themselves. The futuristic approach is vastly different from how the world was in previous generations. Frankly, it’s better.

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