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Escape Business Monotony With An Escape Room Business

Escape rooms have been opening all over the world. For thousands of enthusiasts, the escape room sector is full of opportunities and creative challenges that can erase the dull monotony of office life. Not only as a player but as a business owner, escape rooms can let you do things differently. 

For a start, it’s fair to say that they are not many businesses around that offer a real-time experience in which the players become the heroes. In the entertainment industry, typically, the customer sits down and enjoys the show. But here, it’s an entertainment model with a twist. Customers can take an active part in it. 

When it comes to the management, while it’s fair to say that there are administrative and financial tasks like in every business, you get to interact with a variety of people and to establish a relationship as a game master in only 60 minutes. In no other business can you get to such a level of trust in so little time. For anyone who doesn’t love sitting in at a desk and wants to dedicate their career to put a smile on people’s faces, launching your escape room company is the perfect way to escape from the office routine. Here are the many ways in which escape rooms do things differently from everything you’ve experienced before. 

Yes, the little memorabilia matters

Customer loyalty matters as much in the escape business than in any other sector. However, your approach to encourage customers to come back is not like anywhere else. Discounts for returning customers can make a significant difference. But, you’ll find that most escape room players don’t expect to pay less for their next game. Many are aware that you’re running a tight ship and therefore can’t afford to cut your revenues down. Instead, customers are more interested in earning a reward at the end of their game. Using a range of promotional products by Master Cast such as a custom-made keyring with your company logo or a victory badge can lift your players’ mood. Additionally, memorabilia is the kind of things players are proud to show, ergo they’re promoting your business too! 

Yes, you can laugh with them

Engaging with your customers is no novelty. But the escape room business lets you establish a casual and positive communication from the start – as a game master. You share the experience together, and it gives you the possibility to cement the relationship at a later point, such as by adding a comment when you’re posting your players’ photo on your social media, for instance. 

Your customers don’t want a comfortable ride

In a society where every company tries to make the customer experience as smooth and pain-free as possible, escape room owners can have fun doing the exact opposite. Indeed, a lot of players enjoy horror escape rooms as explained by Adam Milicevic. They provide a sense of safe scare. Besides, the urge to escape is a lot greater when you’re hunted down by zombies or a serial murderer! 

The escape room industry is far from being revolutionary. But it offers a pleasant change for someone who’s been working in offices all their life. For players and owners, it’s the occasion to escape the monotony of the business routine. 

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