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5 Ways To Rebuild That Confidence And Self-Esteem

When you’re in a good moment, you feel as though nothing can bring you down. Perhaps something has gone well with work or in your personal life and you’re absolutely buzzing with excitement for as long as you’re awake. Your confidence is as high as it’s ever been and you don’t have a care in the world about anything that could affect you – no matter how serious. These periods of joy are some of the best things about this complicated life.

Unfortunately, as we all know too well, they don’t last for as long as we want. Life gets in the way, and we’re brought crashing back down to earth – so to speak. Some people handle the lulls well and treat it as though it’s nothing, but for many, escaping from a dip in confidence and happiness can feel like climbing a big mountain. 

Whilst it’s not a process that is as easy as a flick of a switch, becoming happier with yourself and building that confidence back up is a comfortably doable thing. It’s not just a case of telling yourself to feel better or waiting for something to happen; you’ve got to take some different steps. Obviously, everyone reacts differently to different methods, but let’s look at some ways you can lift your self-esteem and get that glow back.   

Talk To A Professional

When you’re not feeling yourself, it’s good to let whatever thoughts and feelings you have out. Obviously, just blaring them to anyone isn’t a wise idea as you could get some bad advice or a mixture of opinions that play with your mind – too many cooks spoil the broth and all that. It would be a good idea to let a professional counselor or a psychiatrist play around with your mentality and see if he or she can’t find a solution. They’re able to attack whatever problems are irking you. Letting others in is also beneficial as they’ll be able to view your problems from a different perspective and perhaps shed some light on things that you never even considered before.   

Exercise And Change Up Your Diet

Being a more athletic and fit person doesn’t solve whatever is plaguing you, but the process of changing your lifestyle might. Becoming more fit and active is a long process and not something that happens overnight, so during the transitioning months, you may heal yourself mentally somewhat. Exercising and getting your heart rate up a little encourages your body to release chemicals that make you feel happier and more positive about things. A constant endorphins release is sure to bring some happy times, even if they aren’t on a grand scale. 

Your brain needs food. You know that your stomach needs it in order for you to function, but your brain is the central point of your entire being, so you need to feed that bad boy. Not eating enough will cause stress, anxiety and then overthinking – try to avoid those! Eating too much will obviously make you feel lethargic more often and when you idle more, you tend to get trapped in your head more.

Play With Your Appearance 

We all like to look nice. Even people that are fairly comfortable not really put in much effort do. It’s natural to want to look our best. Seeing yourself with a nice new outfit or a new hairdo gives you a warm feeling, so if you want to have a little more self-confidence, perhaps a little makeover is due. It doesn’t have to be drastic. Do you not like how thin you’ve become on top? Well, you can read more about hair loss and see what kind of treatments are available for something like that. Feel you need a complete change of style? Have a little look online at what’s currently trending and pick out the stuff you like!  

See Your Friends Frequently 

Spending time with your buddies can do you a world of good. You can be sat overthinking and stressing out about stuff at six o’clock, and then be in tears laughing with your friends at seven. Be sociable also increases that sense of self-esteem and confidence because you’re out doing stuff with others – you’re being more practical in a group, albeit not overly practical!

Less Social Media

Social media can make a person feel very bad about themselves. It’s a great outlet for news, gossip and a range of other things, but a lot of people only post their best stuff. You hardly ever see someone posting about how rough they look or how mundane their month has been. If you in a sticky spell and you need geeing up – it’s probably best not to look at people who seemingly have it all after doing precious little.

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