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Don’t Let Their Infidelity Break You

Infidelity feels like a stab in your heart. For a lot of people, there could be no greater pain. It leaves you vulnerable, weak, and feeling soiled as if you were not good enough for your partner. According to She Said, cheating is a lot more common than you might think. Almost 4 in 10 Australians admit having cheated once or more on their partner. It doesn’t take the pain, but it can help you to tackle the situation from a different perspective. Indeed, you are not alone when it comes to infidelity. And that’s where you can find the strength to rebuild yourself. There is plenty of support available: 

Banish doubts; demand certitudes

Suspicious behaviour. Late work appointments. Perhaps you’ve also felt some distance between you and your partner lately. You’ve combined the clues, and you’re sure they’re cheating on you. Don’t panic, though. There might be other explanations. Your partner might indeed have a lot of stressful projects to handle at work at the moment. But if you want to be sure about it you need a private investigator to help you figure out what is happening. Indeed, an investigator can gather evidence through surveillance and more to solve your dilemma. When you need to know, the best way is to pay someone to do the research for you. 

It’s not about you; it’s about them 

Knowing, however, doesn’t help you to heal. It hurts. It’s a kick that brings your self-esteem to level zero. But, you have to learn to look past. Infidelity says more about your partner than it does about you. You can find it helpful, at first, to stay away from social media platforms where your happily married friends are sharing their holiday pictures. Of course, it takes time to rebuild yourself, but you need to focus your attention on doing what is best for you. Looking after your health by creating an active lifestyle can do wonders for the mood! 

Make a clean break

Moving forward, you need to put yourself first. Is there anything to gain in maintaining a friendly relationship with your ex? The truth is unless there are kids involved, you’ve got no reason to stay in touch. They’ve broken your heart. Why would you want to check their status update on Facebook or send them a text for their birthday? Nurturing your friendship comes at a cost. You may be tempted to give it another try – unfortunately, statistics show that cheaters will always be cheaters. If you don’t want to get hurt again, leave them in your past. 

You can trust again

Not everyone you know will cheat on you. It might sound impossible to believe now, but it’s a journey you can make with your next partner. Don’t be afraid to take time to heal for yourself before to start dating again, as explained on More importantly, don’t be scared of being honest with yourself and with your next partner. At the core of a healthy relationship, understanding is what will help you to move on. 

In a world where 37% of the population cheats, it can be difficult to be confident about yourself and your relationship. However, while cheaters may never change, you can learn a lesson that will help you to make the next relationship happy and safe.

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