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Modular Living: The City vs The Country

In urban areas, there is a shortage of homes like you wouldn’t believe. Especially in places like London and New York, there are so many young professionals who want to start families but don’t have the kind of money real estate agents want. The supply for homes is too low and the demand is through the roof. So, this has led architects and home designers to look at the problem that is keeping new homes from being built so quickly. Space is the ultimate kryptonite that home designers and governments especially have been facing for quite some time. Alas, in the latter part of this decade, we have seen a modular uprising of home design. Now, rather than building homes in a traditional manner with bricks and mortar, there are homes which can be made to order. They can be fixed together, adding and subtracting parts and rooms along the way. It gives the homeowners far more choice and control over their home but which way is better, the city or the countryside?

Urban three floors 

Urban environments are such that you cannot expand horizontally, you must go vertical. This inevitably means designers have had to think outside the box. Instead of offering wide rooms, they have to make them taller and also give more rooms to home buyers. Inherently, this has meant that instead of the usual two floors, now modular urban homes come with three floors. To make up for the lack of horizontal space, open floor plans are a must. No modular home designer will sign off on their project unless they have discussed with the buyers or with the clients. These modern homes are kings of neutrality, they offer contemporary decor, white and beige walls and plenty of drop down ceiling lights. With stainless steel kitchens, hardwood floors, corner sofas and plenty of large windows, it’s a style of home that professionals from the city will love.

The new bungalow style

For those that live in the countryside or want to buy a home in the country, your options in this modular field are by no means limited. These Modular Homes are setting a new precedent for the bungalow style. Made from modular pieces, they offer the farmhouse range, to one, two, three or even four bedroom homes. They are all on the same ground floor, making it easy to navigate around, great for those that want to retire as well. The steel framed homes can be made in as little as 15 weeks but the heavy style using brick will take up to 40. However they will be delivered to your location. So if you have bought land, you can have your homes transported onto your own land and have everything connected up such as piping, electricity and so on. These kinds of homes are very easy to modify, add new rooms and also add different additions such as verandas and conservatories.

If you’re looking for a modular home in the city, expect something with slimmer rooms but open floor plans. If you want something in the countryside, you can expect a new style of bungalow. Both are excellent in their own way.

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