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Workplace Injury Prevention – A Must

In today’s business world, one thing all companies need to focus on is injury prevention management. This is the case irrespective of the nature of your company. 

Why you need to Focus on Injury Prevention Management

Perhaps even more important however is trying to prevent an injury, as then you will not have to seek out the more detailed services at a later date. Remember, if you do not take preventive measures you may even lose out on your employee being present at the workplace altogether. 

The best type of injury prevention management is one that has developed an approach that focuses on increasing productivity, maximising staff attendance and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders all in one. 

Of course the approach that is laid out will depend on the type of business you are and the services you provide. For instance manual handling training should be provided, that is if the work carried out requires moving and lifting. This is because if the employees are aware of the importance on how these tasks are completed, such as how to hold their body when lifting an object, a lot less injuries will happen, and especially those that creep up over time. 

The ideal healthcare specialist, like Jobfit Health Group, will provide you with an onsite review of everything that goes on within your workplace. They should then analyse it to see if changes need to be made, and provide you with a report back of their findings.

The Correct Injury Prevention Management Method

If not carried out by professionals, injury prevention management can be a complete waste of time and money. Proper assessments need to be carried out, asking the employees and managers directly what they think the issue is. An excellent telephone triage would also be extremely useful, and even some would say essential in order for the prevention to be successful. 

This is because it is a groundbreaking service, that provides support and assistance to current suffers or people who think they may have a musculoskeletal condition. You will be provided with a dedicated telephone line that will give you and your employees to immediate access to experienced physiotherapists, who will then refer them onto a healthcare professional if that is required. After your employees have been treated, this data will then be collected and analysed to see what else can be changed. This is especially important if they are sitting at a desk for most of the day, or carry out general sedentary work. As if they have poor posture, and because they have not been provided with the correct chairs for example, this can lead to neck and low back pain, which is a major cause of sickness and costs employers between $315-335 million every year.

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