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21st Century Living: How Tech Could Affect Our Quality Of Life In the Future

Flying cars and suits made of tin foil may not be what is ahead of us. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some pretty massive changes that will affect our quality of life in the 21st century. In fact, life by 2099 may be unrecognizable to how we live now. A topic you can read more about the post below. 

We’ll live in connected home and cities. 

One thing that is likely to affect our quality of life in the future is the rise of connected home and cities. In fact, such developments have the potential to revolutionize the way we live by increasing safety, functionality, and even entertainment both in, and outside of the home. 

Of course, we are already seeing a rise in the popularity of connected tech for homes, including appliances, temperature control, and entertainment. Something that is made possible through The Internet of Things. 

Similarly, our environment outside of the home is set to follow suit, with providers such as Sylvania Connected Solutions offering the infrastructure for this to be made possible. In fact, with their motto of ‘We bring smart cities to life‘ it’s likely that such a company will be on the forefront of the connected city revolution. 

We might get money for nothing.

Money for nothing isn’t just a line in a song. In fact, it could be a reality for many of us in terms of universal basic income. An amount that is paid to each person without having to work at a traditional job to earn it. 

Of course, such a massive change in the economics of the world is something that may become necessary because of extensive automation of Industry, and other working tasks. A situation that while making things faster, more efficient, and cleaner, could leave the majority of us without a way to earn a wage, or support ourselves. 

For most of us, the idea of free money seems like a good one, right now. It is certainly something that can help us to attain the basics we need to survive.

However, the long term effect of transforming the landscape of employment is as yet untested. It, therefore, could negatively affect our lives. Primarily because it of problematic issues such as a lack of identity, and a glut of free time that we actually find hard to fill. 

We may have a very different view of privacy. 

Finally, tech could very well affect our quality of life in the future by changing what we expect regarding privacy. In fact, we are already seeing governments and organizations using data for their own ends. 

Of course, when you combine this with the facial recognition software that seems to be advancing at an alarming rate, things get a bit scary. In fact, such software is already being deployed in parts of the world like China. Mainly to identify and track those involved in action against the government. This being something that could have wide-reaching implications for how you live your life. Especially, if you happen to find yourself living in a state with governance, you do not agree with, and wish to protest! 

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