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6 Reasons To Consider Going Vegan

Vegan lifestyles have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Many are recognising the benefits veganism can offer, then choosing to prioritise these for their bodies and the earth. If you’re considering opting for a vegan lifestyle here are a few reasons that you might like to take a look at.

 For the earth 

The process of raising animals means that much soil, water, and trees are sacrificed. The animal agricultural industry as a whole has a devastating impact on our environment. According to Peta, raising animals as food accounts for more than half of all water used in America. To produce just one pound of meat it takes 2,500 gallons of water, compared to the mere 25 gallons it takes to produce a pound of wheat. It is also reported that this industry accounts for more greenhouse gases than the whole world’s transport systems. Much lower quantities of crops, water, and resources are needed to sustain a vegan lifestyle.

For your health 

Vegan diets have been praised to be beneficial for one’s health in several ways. Going vegan has been linked to offering protection against certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. Veganism can provide you with a nutrient-rich diet that’s amazing for the body, providing that you know what to eat. You can get the protein that you need by eating foods such as tofu, soy, lentils, or chickpeas. To fulfill your body’s need for calcium, you can eat foods like chia seeds, kale, or dried figs. You can also drink calcium-fortified plant milk. For a good iron intake, vegans can consume foods like raisins, cashew nuts, beans, figs, or quinoa. To increase your iron intake further, you can take a vegan-friendly iron supplement. Doing so can ensure your body is getting all that it needs.

Weight loss

According to a 2016 study cited on ScienceDirect; when weight loss over 6 months was compared between 4 groups, those in the vegan diet group showed the highest amount of weight loss. The other groups included omnivorous, vegetarian, and semi-vegetarian. The vegan group also had decreased their saturated fat consumption. Those who are looking for more of a positive lifestyle change as opposed to a fad diet, could consider veganism to deal with weight issues that can lead to health problems ongoing. Many people report that a vegan diet leaves them feeling more energetic and thus finding it easier to get active. 

Animal welfare 

Veganism generally stands against the exploitation of animals and cuts ties with the industry that does so. Being vegan is often based on the belief that killing animals is not justified because humans do not need to consume animals to survive. Many believe that all creatures should have equal rights to life and others have attachments to animals, both morally and emotionally. 

There is an overwhelming amount of cruelty that goes on in the animal agricultural industry. Cows, for instance, are shot at around four years old when their milk production isn’t considered profitable anymore. In general, veganism extends beyond just eating animals, but holds a concern for animal welfare in other industries. It can also mean standing animals being kept in any captive environments or used for their fur and skin. 

 Try new foods 

When you are a vegan, you’ll no longer be eating generic meat and potatoes! You’ll expand your palate and get to try some great new and nutritious options; from jackfruit burgers to Buddha bowls and vegan cheeses! There are plenty of meat alternatives out there and if your a fan of spices there’s no need that you have to go without! When you try new foods and have to get creative with your alternatives, you will find that your cooking and food prep skills will improve. When you take pride in cooking and nutrition, you’ll be far more likely to enjoy eating and being healthy. You’ll be impressing your friends with some vegan dinner parties in no time at all! 

Get happy 

Having a plant-based diet has been linked to having a healthier mind as well as body. Clean vegan diets have been praised for good moods that involve less anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Many people point to the stress hormones that animals release before slaughter, and conclude that consuming these are bad for the body and mind. Often too many meats or processed foods can make our bodies feel overfull and sluggish, over time, this can contribute to low moods. Having a healthy diet and exercise regime is the best way to get the endorphins pumping and lift your spirits! 

How to go vegan?

Going vegan can be a significant change for your body if you are not used to this kind of diet. For this reason, it’s essential to approach it in the right way. Some people find it easier to make more of a gradual switch to veganism; they approach vegetarianism first and build up to it. You could only start by adding vegan days to your week and building up from there. Ensure that you do your research so that you know all the foods which you can use to get enough iron and calcium etc. Invest in the right supplements so that you know your body is getting everything that it needs. 

Think about what your favourite meals are and start by considering how you can adapt them to a similar dish with a vegan twist. It can also help to find a group of like-minded others who are also vegan; this way, you can trade tips, recipes, and support each other. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right at first, trial and error, in the beginning, is just fine.
 It’s never easy to make a dietary change, but with the right reasons and a little willpower, you could be on the right track in no time. These lifestyle decisions will vary from person to person, so it’s all about doing what suits your body and your beliefs.

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