What Would Your Dream Headquarters Be Like?

Small businesses are always challenging themselves and being challenged by their professional environment. There will come a time when every new business owner will have to decide what kind of HQ they want? Their headquarters will be the base of operations for the time being, it will be ‘office no.1’ essentially, as all other things flow from this central nervous system. Look all around the world and you can see the major companies taking a lot of pride in their own HQs. Take a gander at Apple, Samsung, HSBC, Playstation, Gucci and a whole raft of other colossal giants in their respective industries. They spend tens of millions on their HQ because it’s not just an office but a symbol of who they are. So if you had a chance to build your very first headquarters, what would you include? Be mindful that once you do set the foundations, if you ever want to expand you will have to build another office wherever your target location is. After spending a lot of money on your HQ, you cannot or should not abandon it in the near future.

Entering the building

When making your own office building, you should be wary of many different practical things. For example if you have disabled staff, they need to have a way to enter the front door and exit the back if they need to. This means having a ramp they can use in their wheelchairs. You’ll also want to look like you’re something important and not just a generic commercial workspace. Therefore, consider being creative with the steps to the front door, they can be levelled in short minimal rise ways or just a few wide but tall styles. Support bars and rails should also be fitted to the steps to help people remain safe if they are old or perhaps when the steps are icy in winter. 

A clear sign

Your building should be clearly recognizable from far away. This means having your logo fitted to the outside of the front entrance. Logo manufacturers can offer you their services to build your unique design, but make sure you are wary of what materials are being used. Fibreglass is popular because it’s light and strong. It’s also translucent which allows lightbulbs to shine through and make your building visible during low light conditions. The colors of the building too can be that of your logo and company theme. If your building is being made with bricks then this might be difficult however you can order unique plaster materials to be layered on top so you can paint the relevant colours on. 

Seemingly fitting in

Talk to professional Construction Companies that have experience in making government and corporate offices. They will show you how your building can seamlessly fit into the local surroundings. They will have knowledge on the various plants and trees that can be planted or put into the ground to create a more natural feel. Lamps and lights that are outside the building allowing your workers to see properly as they leave or enter should also be within local authority standards. For example, you cannot have a very bright lamp outside your office as it may blind drivers. However creating a parking lot and melting into the public pavement and roads is also extremely important. Public planning officials may need to be called to inspect any construction you do so it’s a good idea to have professionals who know these specific sets of laws. 

A place of prestige

The reception is going to have a massive impact on anyone who walks in. Whether it be someone from the media, a politician, a client, customer or even your workers, there should be an air of prestige hanging around. So, use high-quality leather sofas so guests can sit comfortably. The reception desk itself should be of contemporary design, using modern materials. Automatic doors should be fitted to allow easy come-and-go. Lights hanging from the ceiling lighting the way to key areas like the front desk, the toilets, elevators, offices, departments and security zones should be carefully and strategically placed. 

Business owners all have their dream offices. A headquarters that looks and feels the part, is modern and fits into the local lifestyle. To look professional and taken seriously, make sure you have a large well-lit logo outside the building. You also want to make sure you have enough space for your employees to park their cars, but also flexible design to allow disabled people access as well.

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