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Making An Old Living Room Roll Over

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, fortunately the living room can. This modern age is all about mixing up styles, using different materials, being able to connect your own taste with what’s readily available and not too expensive. Thankfully updating an old living room into the modern age can be done relatively easily. The thing is you need to be wary of what your choices are, the various popular styles and how to implement them so they don’t look out of place with the rest of the home. Bear in mind we’re just dealing with one room so you need to be mindful to not go too far away from your current interior design style. That makes things tricky you say, but in actuality it’s not. 

Want metal legs?

Looking at the most popular dining table and coffee table styles, large one-piece metal legs are all the rage. Here are some legs for your table that match this contemporary movement. Flat stainless steel X shaped table legs in a set of 2, allow even a heavy wooden slab dining table to remain sturdy. Yet the modern stainless steel table base frame makes a good support for even long dining tables. With two support struts running down the center, a table of 6 or 8 is easily kept strong with these legs. Rectangular stainless steel legs are great for coffee tables, as they allow you to still place your feet underneath. There’s no support beam prohibiting this which also means it’s best to use these for short and or small tables. 

Leather is out?

Who would have thought that the glorious leather sofa would have to give up it’s crown to fabric styles? It’s here, it’s happening, fabric sofas are making a huge comeback. They’re doing this because the fabric is made of a much higher quality than ever before. Merino wool sofas are incredibly popular right now. An incredibly soft yet strong and flexible wool, Merino wool is usually used for clothing. Suits and socks are the main clothing that use this material, but sofas are being made using this sublime natural material too. Some of the highest quality sofas are well over $1,500 and they come in contemporary pastel shades. 

Display your goods

Wooden wall units are also coming back in style. Mixed wall units especially are top of the charts, as these allow book storage, album racks, sound systems, plants and ornaments to all cohabitate so close together. This kind of wall unit should be placed somewhere it can stand out. Not behind the sofa, but more as part of a wall. This gives the room an added depth and less cramping. Swedish wall units from the Scandanavian decor style are one of the best kinds, they are made from North-European aged oak. 

Modern day living rooms are changing old ways. The leather sofa is out and the fabric sofa is taking it’s place. Flat steel legs for tables have cast out boring wooden legs for both dining tables and coffee tables.

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