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Time to Grow

When your house is feeling cramped and even the smartest design tricks aren’t easing the sense of being hemmed in then it might just be time to think about adding an extension to your property.

Perhaps that kitchen you described as “cute” has become too small to really work in or maybe the living area that suited the two of you just fine has been taken over by toys and children as your family has grown.

Either way an extension is going to give you the room to breathe and grow that you dearly need. In this blog, we take a look at the stages you need to go through to make major improvement to your property.

The Start

It’s time to start being nosy. Take a peek over the walls of your neighbours’ properties and see if there are homes that have had extensions in your area that you like the look of. If you do know your neighbours well enough, or want to, then why not knock on a door and have a chat about the logistics and cost. They might also give you some recommendations for professionals who can work on your project for you.

Once you’ve got an idea of exactly what you want, you’ll want to take a look online and start putting together some costing ideas. If you’re extending your kitchen to create a kitchen/diner you might also want to consider how much it will cost to fit out your kitchen with new cupboards and equipment. 

The Professionals

Once you’ve got your plans more or less finalised, it’s time to bring on board the professionals. You might be looking at an architect melbourne based who will turn your dreams into concrete plans and a builder who is on board with your vision and can give you a realistic time scale and cost that you know won’t slip too far from the original estimate.

How to find these professionals? Very often, word of mouth and the recommendation of friends and family is the very best way of finding your most trusted team. Ask around and find out who’s the name everyone’s talking about and phone around for some quotes.


You will want to check if your local authority requires you to apply for planning permission and this should be done before any building work takes place. You will need to submit your plans and have them approved before a committee and then you’ll be able to appoint your builders to make a start.

Just because you’ve grown that doesn’t mean you need to leave your beloved home, it just means that your home can grow with you. A little extra space can transform the way your house looks and give you that kitchen that brings you together around the table. An extended living room will finally give you more room to store all those toys and give everyone their favourite place to sit without sitting on top of one another.

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