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Getting Ahead in the Event Management Business

It’s a huge industry. Events come in all shapes and sizes and each one needs to be properly organised and subscribed too. A lot of businesses will hire a company to do this, sometimes just to tie the various strands together but a lot of the time to run and come up with the whole thing. There’s a lot to think about, a lot of the time people who set up their own business come at it from the angle of having just completed a degree in a relevant field. If you’re thinking about setting up, think about studying a course first so you have as much of an edge as everyone else.

Have a Niche

A lot of the time event companies are known for something in particular. Some will be hired for a corporate team building day, others for conferences. If you have a niche you’ll become known as the go to business for that type of event. You need to have flexibility of course, but that can come at a later date. Make sure you have a quality pool of content you’re able to use at your event so it really stands out, click here for an example. Keep it varied too. Don’t always follow the same format or it will get dry. Seek out new venues, new services and keep it fresh with the content. For example, if you do a team building exercise and the same company comes back, you don’t want to do the same thing. Think of something different. Having a niche for being able to pull something specific off will get you ahead through word of mouth.

Aim for Government Contracts

It’s a quick win. The truth is, although a lot of government departments can be in competition, it’s nothing like the private sector. This means if one department likes it, it’s likely your event can be used again. Word travels fast, so do postings in the government. You might not be able to charge as much for government events because they’re under stricter regulations but if you can take the hit when your business is young you can get those all important reviews and testimonials under your belt. It’s a great way of breaking into the industry quickly and with maximum effect.

Don’t Forget Social Media

You want to take photos of your events. Videos too. People having fun, engaging with the speakers and participating all around. Post them shamelessly. Your social media business page is your prime target but if you’ve got a website make sure you post them their too. Make sure you’re active on Linkedin so people can find you. Paying to advertise through Facebook is a good way to push those views up but you want the right people to find your page so if you can, try to send advertisements to the right people in the industry. These are usually in the HR departments of smaller businesses, some of the larger businesses have outreach departments which would be a better bet for immediate impact.

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