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Struggling to Choose a Career? Three Tips to Help Your Find Your Calling

Feeling unsure about what you want to do in life doesn’t mean that you aren’t going anywhere. It means you haven’t fully understood yourself yet. These considerations will help you see your state of uncertainty as a chance to establish what you care about and find the right direction.

Reconnect With Enjoyment

When you’re unsure what you want to do for work, you may even be having a hard time knowing what you like to do for fun. Your interests might have changed as you’ve matured. The last stressful few years of schooling may have meant that you neglected the side of you that was adventurous and curious. Sometimes what’s necessary is to take a step back, try to calm your mind, and reconnect with enjoyment. 

What are the small things in life that have always made you feel joyful? Just for a little while, use those things as a guide to how you spend your time. Enjoy the satisfaction of doing a crossword? Get that Sunday paper out and challenge yourself. Love exercising? Sign up for that membership. While this may not seem career-related at all, sometimes giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your sense of enjoyment is the key to opening up your enjoyment of more serious things, like potential career paths.

Rediscover a Flow State

If you’re at a crossroads in terms of career options, this may be partly because you’ve lost your sense of what motivates you.  When last did you feel totally engrossed in an activity? Getting into a flow state means that you are performing a skill that is pitched just right to test your ability, without causing stress. A flow activity is something that demands concentration but is well within your limits, so you’re not anxious about your ability to perform. Whether it’s working with numbers, writing, or engaging with customers, if you can find a task or activity that gives you the sensation of being ‘somewhere else’ you may have found your calling.

Train On The Job

Discovering an activity you love is the first step towards finding a new career. Translating that skill into a career you enjoy is the next step. For some people, university is the best place to get their teeth into the career of their dreams, but not everybody is so sure about what they want to do. Sometimes hands-on experience is the best way to get a sense of whether a job you’re interested in will provide the challenges and rewards that make you tick. Traineeships and mentorship opportunities can help you get a foot into your desired industry without having to invest in years of expensive tertiary training. That way, you’re more likely to end up in a role you enjoy down the line.

Whether you’re a school leaver or are looking for a career change, being uncertain about what you want to do with your life can be scary. These tips will help you find your motivation and get your career on track.

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