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Ultimate Money Saving Tips and Tricks

We’d all like to save money. Nowadays, the price of living is high and many of us find ourselves left with minimal disposable income once we’ve paid for all of our bills for the month. But the good news is that there are probably plenty of ways for you to reduce your outgoings and boost the amount of disposable income you have. Of course, this is going to require a certain level of change in your day to day lifestyle for you to achieve, but generally speaking, it’s more than worth the effort. Here are a few tips and tricks that you might want to consider and try out yourself!

Grow Some of Your Own Food

The vast majority of us purchase all of our food and drink from the supermarket and major stores. This makes sense. It’s convenient and we tend to have busy lives, so don’t have too much time to spare to cultivate everything we consume ourselves. But you should bear in mind that this isn’t the only option. You can easily grow some of the food you eat yourself. There are so many benefits that come hand in hand with trying this out! Not only do you have the opportunity to find a new hobby that you enjoy participating in, but it’s also good for the environment and you also benefit from quality produce that isn’t covered in pesticides and other nasties. However, the biggest benefit is often the decreased price. You can grow herbs, spices and a host of fruits and vegetables like carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries at a much lower cost than you’d usually fork out for pre-grown and packaged options.

Consider Own Brand Goods

You can still save on the foods you can’t grow yourself easily. Remember you don’t necessarily have to accept branded options when it comes to the rest of the food you buy. Many own brand or unbranded alternatives are just as good and you may not even be able to tell the difference in a taste test. Your wallet, on the other hand, will. They come at a much lower price and can see you fork out less for the food on your plate.

Reduce Your Phone Bill

Many of us sign up to phone contracts and then get stuck in an ongoing cycle of phone contracts. We’ll spend two years paying off our current bill, then as soon as the next new phone comes out, we’ll trade in our old device and start up a brand new contract straight away. This is costly and unnecessary. Next time your contract comes to an end, take a moment to ask yourself whether you really need this new model. If your current model is fine, switch onto a SIM only contract that will be dramatically cheaper. If you do go for a new contract, look for the lowest cost provider out there. Either way, consider low cost brands like Lebara to provide you with quality service and a minimised monthly bill.

Review Your Energy Bills

Lots of us will also stick with the same energy provider for years on end out of sheer habit. We develop a sense of brand loyalty and we often end up paying through the nose for it. If you’re in a set contract, wait until the end of your contract and then review your options. Price comparison sites can show you much better deals that will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. If you’re on a rolling contract, you can start now. There really isn’t any point paying more for the same service, so check up on what you’re paying and make sure to make changes if you find that you’re forking out too much!

These, of course, are just a few different ways you can save money. You can bring them into your lifestyle for a host of reasons. Whether that’s because you have debts to clear, whether you want to get some savings together, or you simply want to boost your disposable income. Regardless of your reasoning, don’t hesitate or procrastinate. Get onto making these changes as soon as possible! They can make a major difference to your finances and they are really easy to implement. It’s more than worth the effort.

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