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Modern Sales Approaches For Modern SME Leaders

Once upon a time, in order to make a huge sale, you had to take to the skies and land in a foreign country to meet with a regional executive. Now with the amazing technology we have, you can make monumental sales just by the swipe of your phone. So where does that leave small and medium-sized enterprise owners? New ways of approaching sales have to be adopted. Technology integration has to be a high priority but so do modern communication skills. Your departments have to work together to nail down a sale whether it be with a domestic or foreign client. Your sales staff should also be fluent in the SPIN and SNAP selling methods that most modern businesses utilize. In the age of information, a more modern educational approach to customer relations is also key in finalizing a sale.

Educate, solve and control

B2B has evolved to now accept the ‘Challenger Sale’ method. Clients are busy, they have their own unique problems in their businesses. The challenger method wastes no time in creating elaborate scenarios for which you present the solution. Instead, it takes on an aggressive yet highly intelligent approach. Your client is already versed in their industry and specific problem. Rather than informing, you must teach your clients how your solutions work. This could be in the form of a short but professionally shot product and or service video advertisement. Then show the client how your product and or service could be tailored to their needs and what the potential outcomes would be; e.g. fewer accidents at work. Finally, take control of the conversation by politely bypassing a sales assistant and speaking with a figure of authority such as a manager. 

Day and night

We’re now a couple of decades on from the world becoming a global economy. However, we’re perhaps only a few years into adopting a 24/7 business lifestyle. The economy is global, but more and more SME leaders are expected to respond to urgent calls from across the world during their sleeping hours. Work never stops in other words. But, you do. So, hiring an answering service that can take all kinds of calls for you, will technically keep your sales desk open throughout the night. Right in the financial capital of the world, this London-based service provides a virtual assistant that can handle low-level and executive calls. If you would like a message to be given to particular sales clients, the receptionist can deliver it to the letter. 

‘Meet me for coffee’

SME leaders should never have low confidence about who they are and what they represent. If an executive or C-suite rank wishes to speak with you face to face, tell them to meet you for coffee. This type of meeting doesn’t have the tension of a business dinner, and you can have it anywhere during the daytime. SME leaders need to be fearless in setting the tone of every sales meeting they have with someone more powerful than them.

You may be small, but nowadays the size of your business doesn’t matter as much as your capability. Taking charge of sales meetings and calls with the challenger sales method puts you in the driver’s seat. 

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