Green Marketing Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Business

As global warming, deforestation, and other environmental issues become an increasingly large concern, businesses of all sizes are expected to manage their impact. Even small companies can cause huge problems unless they adopt eco-friendly practices. Green marketing is a trend many businesses have chosen to take on. As well as environmental benefits, being green like this will improve the company image and lower operating costs, both of which can boost profits. With that in mind, here are ten green marketing ideas that your eco-friendly business should try. 

1. Donate To Worthy Causes

A donation to a charity shouldn’t be made purely for marketing purposes. This is a shallow and selfish act that many consumers will see right through. However, that doesn’t change the fact that making a contribution can raise awareness for your brand. Whether you donate time or money, most causes would be grateful for the help. They might even give you credit in their own marketing materials. For this reason, you should pick a green charity and find ways to help them.

2. Participating In Green Events

Tree planting and litter picking are both examples of eco-friendly events. They cost very little to organize and can bring huge awareness for your brand. These types of events are also ideal for team-building, which can benefit your business greatly. What’s crucial with these events is marketing. Although they can improve brand recognition, you need people to attend the event first. Working on social media and local media, like radio, can help to draw participants in. 

3. Hand Out Reusable Swag

Giving away promotional products, like bags and stationary, is an effective marketing tactic. With your name and logo plastered all over this swag, your brand will stick in consumers’ minds. To protect the planet, you must invest in green products, such as those found at Earth Friendly Promos. Many of those goods are sustainable and biodegradable, so the environment isn’t harmed. Make sure that you pick products that your customers are likely to use every day. 

4. Apply For Business Awards

Every industry has awards that your business could win. Typical categories include “Best New Business” and “Best Customer Service”, but there are awards for sustainability and eco-friendly practices too. Applying for these awards will earn recognition for your brand. Even if you don’t win, you’ll likely be mentioned on social media, which could direct customers to your store. If you do win, make sure that you display your awards proudly, especially those for green practices. 

5. Take To Social Media

Most people are on social media these days, which makes it a very powerful marketing tool. What’s more, this tactic is more sustainable than other marketing ideas, because it doesn’t require you to print on paper or other materials. Posting regular content about your business will keep it in followers minds. You might even want to work with social influencers. People listen to and respect what influencers have to say, which means a recommendation from one is helpful.

6. Host An Online Contest

Effective social media marketing needs a growing audience. Once you have a group of loyal followers, there are other ways to take advantage of the social platforms. Hosting a contest online is just one idea that you could try. Although some businesses offer prizes for likes and shares, yours could ask a little more from your followers. Perhaps you could give a prize for green charity work, for example. This prize could be anything from sustainable swag to money.

7. Print On Recycled Paper

Digital marketing is most effective when used alongside traditional marketing tactics. Because of this, you might not want to eliminate brochures and flyers entirely from your marketing strategy. Instead, you should print on recycled and recyclable paper. Most printing vendors offer this option, although you might have to pay extra for it. Nonetheless, if your business is very focused on being sustainable, spending a few extra dollars on recycled paper shouldn’t matter too much. 

8. Work With Local Suppliers

Using local suppliers and vendors is a very green business practice. This is because local delivery of supplies and products reduces the impact of carbon emissions on the environment. Make sure that your customers are aware that you not only support the local economy but that this support goes a long way to minimizing gas consumption and emissions. Like with recycled paper, buying local might cost you a bit extra, but it will reduce shipping costs to compensate. 

9. Ride A Branded Bicycle

The cars that most people drive to work every day are one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. Because of this, you should look for greener transportation. If you live close enough to the office, you could cycle each morning and evening instead. This is better for the planet and your health but can improve marketing too. After all, you’ll be seen by hundreds of people as you cycle past. This means that having the brand plastered on the bike will raise brand awareness. 

10. Write Helpful Blog Posts

Blog posts are another way to keep your brand in people’s minds. By posting regular content online, you give consumers a reason to visit your website regularly. However, you must ensure that the content you post is interesting and helpful. If eco-friendly practices are important to you, then write about ways your customers could be greener. Just make sure that you write good quality posts too. Even interesting content is pointless if it’s full of spelling and grammar errors. 

Even the smallest business can harm the planet in a huge way. Thankfully, by adopting green practices, your venture can protect the environment instead. With the marketing tactics above, it’s possible to raise awareness for your brand and reduce its environmental impact at the same time. Although many of those ideas are free or budget-friendly, others will require investment. However, if sustainability is important to you, then the rewards will be more than worth the higher costs. A green business benefits everyone, so grow your own today.

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