5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security This Christmas

Our homes are an extension of ourselves, making a break-in or theft from our property a personal blow. At this time of year as we gear up for Christmas, we start to fill our homes with the latest gadgets, toys and items, making them even more attractive to opportunistic thieves and criminals. To keep yourself, your belongings and your property safe, here are 5 ways in which you can improve your security over the Christmas period. 

1. Light it up
One of the most effective ways of preventing crime is by deterring would-be criminals from your property and the easiest way to do this is by lighting it up. Criminals don’t like to be seen, so have a domestic electrician install you some sensor-activated floodlights at the front and rear of your property which will come on if they detect any movement in the shadows. You can also use your Christmas lights to the same effect by simply setting them up to highlight your homes entry points such as around the garage, front door and windows.

2. Lock your windows
Unlocked or unsecured windows are one of the easiest ways for a criminal to break into your property. Over the summer months, you may have spent many a night with the window open but did you remember to re-lock them again? Go around your house and check that all of your windows are properly locked and secured and don’t be tempted to leave one open in order to feed Christmas light cables through, instead instal outdoor sockets or opt for solar and battery-powered lights.

3. Install a monitored alarm system
Whether you’re going away for Christmas or not, a monitored alarm system can give you the peace of mind that someone is watching out for your property even if you aren’t around. Install the alarm system in your house but don’t forget to also hook up any outbuildings to the circuit to deter thieves from breaking into your garage or shed.

4. Keep expensive items out of sight
A lot of thieves are opportunists which means you can seter them from acting by simply keeping attractive and expensive items out of sight. Don’t leave laptops or tablets near windows and pull the curtains at night so that people can’t see your tv’s and screens. After Christmas, dispose of boxes for new gadgets carefully by folding them up and placing them in your recycling bin rather than advertising your new items by throwing boxes out on the curb. 

5. Don’t advertise if you are going away
Thieves love the Christmas period because so many houses are left empty for prolonged periods of time. If you’re going away then don’t advertise it on social media as thieves have been known to scout social media platforms to find potential targets. Remember to cancel any delivery subscriptions that may show that you’re out of town and consider putting some lights, the radio and even your TV onto a time so that it looks as though someone is still at home.

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