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Chest Pains That Feel Scary But Aren’t Life-Threatening

We’ve all had a least one true moment where we thought we were having some kind of dangerous chest pain. Human beings are such frail creatures sometimes, and even doing something completely normal can trigger a sudden pain. Maybe you’re working out and actually, trying to get healthier. Suddenly you feel a rapid and sharp chest pain right up close to your heart. Are you dying? Should you call 911? Well, let’s not be too hasty because there are in actual fact, many different causes of chest pain that doesn’t mean you’re in cardiac arrest. At the time it certainly feels like it but don’t worry, here are some reasons that will make you more aware of what’s going on.

Acid reflux

The acid in your stomach is very strong. Stomach acid range between the pH 1-3 range which can mean it’s almost as violent as battery acid. You will almost never know this because our stomach lining is very strong too. However, an acid reflux is when the acid in your stomach suddenly gets hurled upward into your windpipe. The acid then flows down into the lungs which immediately makes you feel as if they’re on fire. You’ll usually know this has happened because you can feel a burning sensation in your Adam’s apple or throat. It can feel very scary because the pain and shock don’t allow you to breathe in deeply. This can make it feel as if you’re having a heart attack. However you should try to calm down, sit upright, drink sips of water and breathe slowly. The only thing you can do is wait it out. Eventually the acid in your lungs will be flushed out.

A painful rejection

When you eat something that doesn’t agree with your stomach, another form of acid reflux can occur. Indigestion is when the body rejects the stomach contents and tries to force it back up the esophagus. This can mean food but also stomach acid. When this happens it’s usually both. Now you have stomach acid-soaked food trying to make its way up the body, right next to your heart. This can cause, the classic heartburn. It usually goes away once you drink some water but it may not. In that cause, drink a spoon or two of gaviscon double strength. It also comes in tablet form for those that want to take it with them on trips. If you have an easily upset stomach on flights, this is something that will calm you down.

A sudden strain

Muscle strain is usually done suddenly. This can be when you cough violently or when air leaves your lungs quickly due to a sudden change in temperature causing muscle contraction. This can create pain in your chest that feels much deeper than it is. It can feel worrying when you breathe in and stretch the muscles of your ribs and sternum. However, it’s not fatal and is quite literally a flesh wound. 

Many chest pains are not at all related to having a heart attack. But their pain is so severe that it’s easy to be fooled into thinking it’s more dangerous than it is.

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