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3 Things People Forget To Do When Moving Home

Ah, the joys of moving house.

With much to do and think about, from actually buying a house to sorting out your packing boxes for moving day, you can be forgiven if you forget a few minor details in the process. 

Still, with our handy reminders here, you shouldn’t have to stress too much about forgetting something once moving day swings around. 

#1: Forgetting to pack an essentials box

In your efforts to get everything packed up ready for the move, you might accidentally pack those items that you still need to hand before moving day. We are thinking about first aid kits, cutlery and crockery, and paperwork pertaining to the bank and any utility company you use, as just a few examples. And on moving day itself, you might get to your new home desperate for a cup of tea or something to eat, only to discover that the kettle, your cups, and your snack items are hidden within the confines of one or more of your boxes.

To avoid this situation, be mindful with your packing. Don’t pack everything in a box in the days running up to the move, and on moving day itself, be sure to label a box with the word ‘essentials’ so you don’t have to spend an age searching for tea bags and the like at your new home.

#2: Forgetting to hire a clean-up crew

After clearing your home of the things you are taking with you, there will inevitably be a mess left behind. There could be muddy footprints from the people helping you with the move. There could be remnants of cardboard, carpet, and unwanted household items that aren’t moving with you. And there could be pieces of litter and other bits of clutter that don’t have a home to go to. If only you had hired a clean-up crew to deal with these nuisance issues. And if only you hadn’t packed the cleaning equipment away in your rush to pack your boxes.

Before you move, be sure to ask your friends and family members to help you clean your home after it has been emptied. Ask them if they would like any of your unwanted items too. When hiring a removal service, check online for those who will also dispose of your waste – Two Men And A Truck are a good example. And remember to include in your essentials box any cleaning items that might be needed before you finally shut the door of your old home. 

#3: Forgetting to inform people of the move

You know you’re leaving. Your neighbors, friends and family members probably know too. But what about your utility companies? What about your insurance companies? What about the tax office, the subscription companies you benefit from, and the healthcare services you use? And, perhaps most importantly of all, what about that person who every year sends you a cash gift with their Christmas card during the festive season? 

Way ahead of time, create a checklist of individuals and companies that need to know that you’re moving. Not only will you be responsible for the utilities you haven’t used if you don’t, but you won’t be able to buy yourself something nice with the financial gift that (may or may not) come your way each Christmas from that generous person we alluded to!

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