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What The Client Needs To Know About Building Regulations

Builders come in all shapes and sizes and cover a multitude of types of projects, domestic or commercial. If you’re worried about your responsibilities under the Building Regulations on a particular building project, it really does pay to choose the right builder. This will help make sure you don’t fall foul of the local planning department. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know.

•    Have a good idea upfront of when the building regulations might come into play. In general terms, if you’re managing the construction of a new building, or are altering or extending an existing one, then an application will need to be made to your local planning department.

•    Make sure you choose a company that has the necessary accreditation and that they prioritize adhering to regulations. This also includes health and safety as well. You should be looking for something like the construction VOC in this regard. These are the sort of accreditations that quality businesses will have, and this will fill you with confidence when you are looking for the best business for you. 

•    You should expect any builders who are worth their salt to take responsibility for complying with all the relevant building regulations. But if you suspect permissions will be required, you as the client still have a role to play. Make sure you appoint a firm of builders as early in the project as you can – this allows enough time to plan the work properly and apply for any necessary consents.

•    When appointing your builders, bear in mind that though they’ll deal with the Building Regulations side, you as the landowner will be responsible for any remedial work necessary if there are any contraventions. So the best advice is to check with any prospective builder whether they have experience with the regulations. Ask what measures they’ve put in place to make sure your project sticks to the rules, such as quality of materials and workmanship, and who from their team will be monitoring that.

•    Finally, remember that complying with the Building Regulations is not the same thing at all as obtaining planning permission! Check at the earliest possible stage what you need to do, to avoid delays or cessation of the work further down the line.

The best builders will be able to offer advice on all the above, so make sure you choose your building firm wisely! A lot of people tend to take regulations and building standards for granted when hiring building companies, simply assuming that all businesses will adhere to them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, which is why it is something you – the client – must consider as well.

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