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Donald Trump’s True Motivation Behind That Drone Strike

If you’re anything like a huge number of US citizens, you’re probably wondering what goes on in Donald Trump’s head. He seems to say what he thinks online and in person without giving much thought to how it really sounds, and this can seem bizarre in itself. But what about the recent U.S. drone strike that killed Major General Qasem Soleimani, one of Iran’s top military leaders?

We shouldn’t have to tell you that this was an extremely provocative incident. It triggered immediate vows of retaliation from Tehran, Iran’s allies in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries, are also thought to get involved. 

President Trump had previously warned that Iran would “pay a very high price” for the embassy siege. The killing of Soleimani appears to have been that “very high price.” But why now? Soleimani lived through two other presidents in the white house, who both refused to attack. President Trump likely believes this is a very smart move on his part – does he think this is a game? 

It’s likely that Trump has simply been trying to draw the spotlight away from the fact he was recently impeached. While he has not yet been removed from the presidential position, impeachment shows that he has abused his power. He continues to do so, regardless. This is something his own son described on twitter as deplorable – but only when it referred to somebody else, of course. 

President Trump is playing a dangerous game. The infographic below can tell you how much a war would cost. 

credit to Norwich University

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