The Key Marketing Ideals To Push Forward With In 2020

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For any business to run smoothly, it is all to do with the outward perception. Marketing is such a crucial component for any company that it becomes the primary investment. But because marketing is evolving at such a pace, it can prove difficult to keep up with. And as we are well into 2020, we’ve got to focus on the key digital marketing trends and how it will evolve over this year. While there is a lot of focus on technology, such as AI, the main focus will be on people. Let’s show you what we mean.

SEO Shifts

While SEO is still an essential component of digital marketing, the growth of mobile or voice search has ushered a change in direction. While many businesses are still utilising Google AdWords or various PPC components, it’s not necessarily about being at the top of the search engine results page anymore. Because of featured snippets and “on SERP” information, this means that you don’t need to go onto a website to get the information anymore. But now the goal is to get to the top of the page which has been given the moniker “position zero.” 

Visualised Content

While there has been a wealth of voice search and smart speakers recently, there is still a place for visual content. There are still studies that show that people prefer visual content over text. And with websites like Instagram and Pinterest, visualisation is still the top of the pile as far as engaging content is concerned. Many blogs now add infographics to make their content more engaging. And as far as making the message as easily absorbable as possible is concerned, diversifying various types of visual content will make it easier to remember. Adding images and videos within your text makes it far more interesting. 

Voice Search

Due to smart speakers, there is no sign of voice search function slowing down. Because of the increase in the smart speaker business, companies are using voice searches to its advantage. It’s not just a way to gain interaction with a brand, but it is also a valuable way to implement narrative and storytelling. An excellent example has been the Netflix approach to smart speakers campaigns. People have the opportunity to speak to characters from shows like Lost In Space and Stranger Things. The interactivity involved with the smart speaker is not going to slow down anytime soon. And with the options being almost endless, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your business.

Customer Retention

Marketing isn’t just about finding new people; it’s about excellent customer experience. Making sure that your CX is focused on your current customers, as well as new ones, will make them realise just how important they are. You have to remember that it can cost five times as much to reel in a new customer as it does to keep one. This means that you’ve got to put in the effort to keep your customers happy and aware of your brand. Loyalty is everything right now. It’s not just about technology.

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