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Do you skip breakfast?

Food & Nutrition Australia have warned that missing breakfast could mean missing out on essential nutrients. With nearly a quarter of the adult population skipping breakfast at least 3 times a week Bakers Delight has decided to do something about it.

I managed to get my hands on 2 flavours of these new bars from Bakers Delight. As with any food delivery to this office everyone comes a running (especially the work experience kids who don’t normally say much), fortunately these had my name written all over them… literally. As I unwrapped the first bar, and looked everyone in the eye like an adventurer about to take a leap of faith, I took my first bite into the Cranberry & Nut Fit2Go bar.

As my colleagues looked on with a sense of anticipation, I chewed my first mouthful, and I quickly opened my eyes as wide as they could go with a look of shock and horror… you should have seen their faces… it was worth it. As for the Fit2Go bar, I think the proof that they’re tasty are the 2 empty packets sitting on my desk.

Before you decide to leave your desk and head off down the road to your nearest Bakers Delight I have some unfortunate news that you’ll have to wait until the 17th of September… I think Bakers Delight PR firm were busy over the weekend and baked up a batch to recipe and had them couriered out.. I’m glad they did.

Sharon Natoli, Director of Food & Nutrition Australia said “The new Fit2Go bars are a great breakfast on the run, as they contain similar amounts of energy, protein and carbohydrates as a standard breakfast and provide a nutritious source of lasting energy”.

Fit2Go bars will be served in more than 630 Bakers Delight bakeries across the country and will be available from the 17th of September for the extraordinary small price of $1.90 – Nice work guys.

BTW – I’m assuming these Fit2Go bars will do reasonably well, even though you’d initially think ‘Just another brekkie bar’ – This is because when you’re in a rush it’s a pain to have to go into a supermarket, but now you can pull into the bakery (usually located out the front with road access) and grab one with the loaf of bread you promised the missus 😉

PS: I way preferred the Cranberry & Nut bar over the Cinnamon & Fruit – Fortunately this was balanced out by a fruit craving work experience kid… Go Jimmy!

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