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Is your handbag harming you and your family?

As a guy I usually don’t think about handbags and where they’ve been, but someone pointed out something fascinating to me. Handbags go EVERYWHERE, and I mean it.

I actually can’t think of a time where my mum didn’t have her handbag with her, think about it! As a kid I remember mum having her handbag with her at all the critical moments, a toilet cubicle to fix a nasty problem, at the movies where we snuck in some fantales or field side while I played hockey…. that handbag went everywhere and it had everything in it. I remember being the only kid carried off the football field with a ‘pad’ affixed to a bad cut on my leg from the stud of another players football shoe (my own team no doubt). I digress.

So, why am I writing about this topic now? It was pointed out to me recently at a fine dining experience that this gorgeous little black handbag sitting on the table next to us was only 5 minutes prior sitting on the toilet floor in the women’s toilets…. and now it was front and centre on the dining table… ooohhh. Gross! And I’d bet 5 bucks that handbag would get traipsed through the car, back home to the kitchen table, maybe the bedside table before finding it’s place in a cupboard. When you think about it that way what’s the difference between the bottom of your handbag and the bottom of your shoes? You don’t put your shoes on the table for a starter!

In some recent Laboratory tests they found Pseudomonas, Stafflococcus Aruis, Salmonella & E-Coli on women’s purses. In one sampling, four or five purses tested positive for Salmonella!

Well, these day’s we’ve got those antiseptic wipes and the like, but they’re not exactly cheap, and well they don’t fix the root cause – which is putting your bag on the floor! Until now that is. Fortunately for mother’s and women all around the country the trusted handbag can be taken everywhere with confidence…. with the Handbag Hanger (

These little beauties fold up and travel well, they unfold to provide a convenient handbag hanger wherever you need it. My Grandma actually had something similiar fashioned from a coat hanger and it went everywhere – I even remember hanging my jacket off of it!

I think this might change the way we think about handbags… I mean think about beer nuts on a bar, we all know not to eat them, we’re all told that any point in time you can test those tasty little treats for urine and find at least 7 different sources of the urine… well, if you don’t use the handbag hanger you could be doing far worse!

Prices start at $14.95 for a basic model, and you can bling it out for a little more. You can purchase these potential lifesavers online at

What are you waiting for, stop spreading bacteria and start spreading the bling.

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