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Technology for Travel: Flipping-Out About MinoHD Flip Video Recorders?

One of the coolest gadgets for gizmos in a long time is the MinoHD video recorder from Flip Video. This handy little camcorder holds 60 minutes of HD-Quality video with 4 GB of built-in memory and fits in the smallest of handbags!

Weighing in at only 3.3 ounces and super sleek and slim you could even carry it in your pocket. The perfect travel companion! Another reason we think its fantastic is because it’s super easy to use. It features one-touch recording and digital zoom with a flip-out USB arm to plug and play directly into your computer.

The built in FlipShare software allows you to save and organize your videos, edit individual clips, make custom movies and easily email and upload them to YouTube so you can add them to all your blogs!

There are a few other awesome features we love! You can take it underwater with the custom Flip Video camera housings (LINK: letting you record up to 30 feet beneath the surface. And, you can custom design the look and feel by uploading your very own artwork and images or choose from hundreds of unreal designs (LINK:

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