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Office Project: How to lose weight at work

Even though we’re celebrating the start of Spring and all the extra sunlight that the warmer months offer, we’re all working harder and longer at work. Many workplaces have cut back on the number off staff or resources but still expect more from you as an employee. How are you meant to find time to go to the gym and get that run in? You only need to look out the window to know how far away summer is. So how do you get some extra training in while you are under the pump at work?

Step 1 It all starts in the kitchen! Put an end to eating take away at lunch and all those little snacks from the coffee shop on your coffee break. It might feel like being in high school again, but you need to pack your lunch and include some healthy snacks the night before. Other than the lasting change to your waist line, you will start to save a few dollars as it is far cheaper make your own lunch. Just think for a second how much would you spend in a day on food and multiply that over a week – how does it add up? For example, if you were to spend $10 on lunch every day that comes to a whopping $50 a week. And that’s $50 that could be better spent buying toysfor your weekend, new clothes or going out to a decent restaurant for a special meal once a week!

Step 2 Stop being lazy, take the stairs! This simple step can have a serious impact on the amount of incidental exercise you rack up each week. Rather than using the elevator and escalators, take the stairs. Spending your day in the office often means it is all too easy to just to take the elevator to the next level. But just think how much more walking you would be doing if you used the steps. Another handy tip that is often overlooked is to wear a pedometer. Take a note of your steps and challenge yourself to start getting more every day. You might get a shock to realise just how little you’re walking and a pedometer is a fantastic, simple way to slip in some extra exercise.

Step 3 Use your lunch! What do you do your lunch break? Whether you get 30 minutes or 60 minutes for lunch, you could easily sneak in 20 minutes of exercise. After spending most of your day cooped up in the office, how nice would it be to get outside and go for a nice walk or jog? This is not only a perfect way to start getting more exercise in your day but offers the ideal opportunity to break up the day and get your mind out of work mode for a little while.

Just by adding these three steps to your weekly routine, this will move you so much closer to your health and fitness goals. All of a sudden you are eating regularly which will keep your metabolism moving fast; you are exercising more to help burn that fat away and will all that exercise, fresh air and motivation you won’t need so many coffees to get you through the day. How good does that sound!!

Guest contribution by Jonny “B Bad” @ – Creating a world that is all about you!

2 Responses to “Office Project: How to lose weight at work”

  1. Relli says:

    No more excuses from me. I started driving to work instead of catching the bus a few weeks ago and have already noticed the difference it’s made. The 15 minute walk to and from the bus each day surprisingly did make a difference and I know I’ve lost some of my fitness.

    After reading this, it’s back to the bus for me.

  2. Roberta says:

    Just imagine with these simple steps how much easier it would be to lose those extra kilos in time for summer especially since all the money you save packing your lunch gives you something to go buy a new wardrobe with


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