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Easy-off tattoo ink removes regret down the track

Now there’s no excuse not to get inked, as the world’s first permanent, yet more easily removable, tattoo ink has hit Australian shores! Ten years in the making, Infinitink has been developed to enable more effective laser tattoo removal and is up to three to four times more removable than conventional tattoo ink.

Laser removal is a painful, time consuming and costly experience, so it’s not surprising that permanence is a huge consideration when weighing up a tattoo. After all, nobody wants to be stuck with the initials of an ex-lover long after the flames of passion have died.

Infinitink helps eliminate this worry and is ideal for the nervous customer and seasoned pro alike. Not only is the ink more removable, it is premium quality and delivers deep, permanent colours. What’s more, Infinitink is free from the heavy metals and toxins commonly used in other popular inks, making it a safer choice.

Since launching in the USA earlier in 2009, Infinitink has received rave reviews from some of the world’s best tattoo artists including Brandon Bond, Chris Blinston, and Brian Murphy.

Infinitink was developed by Dr Rox Anderson, a Harvard dermatology professor and director of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine (laser) in Massachusetts, in association with Dr Edith Mathiowitz, a professor of medical science and engineering at Brown University. Dr Mathiowitz specialises in microencapsulating medicines, DNA, hormones and insulin in plastic polymers, which control the time and rate drugs release in the body.

Mathiowitz applied this technology to ink, trapping dye pigments in microscopic beads coated with safe, biodegradable plastic, designed to break open when exposed to heat.

Removability info
An Infinitink tattoo is permanent yet removable because of its construction. The ink is made of the highest purity D&C and USP-grade ingredients. In addition, we use a patented proprietary process (P2E) to treat the pigments suspended in the ink. Infinitink scientists have perfected the dissolution of the pigment so that, when passed over with a laser, the tattoo will be removed with fewer laser treatments than a conventional tattoo.

Inifinitink is three to four times more easily removable than conventional tattoo ink, meaning three to four times less pain, time and expense. Studies have been undertaken involving most commonly tattooed areas such as arms, back, legs and chest.

For further information, and a full list of parlours using Infinitink, visit

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