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55 Twitter update ideas for small business

Ok so as a small business, you get the need to be on Twitter. But just getting onto Twitter isn’t enough to help you connect with your customers, and build relationships with the wider community.

Providing regular and informative Twitter updates is the key. Remember it is about building relationships and not directly selling your products or services (well most of the time).

So here are some ideas for Twitter updates that can help you connect with and attract more followers.

1. Announcement of sales, specials and discounts
2. Welcome a new staff member
3. Promote a new product line
4. Recruit members for a focus research group
5. Run competitions and giveaways
6. Recruit new staff by listing job vacancies
7. Post industry articles that support your products or services
8. Promote happy hours for online stores
9. Retweet your supplier messages
10. Welcome new clients
11. Promote your next event
12. Get customer feedback
13. Welcome new suppliers
14. Comment on current affairs in relation to your industry
15. Share useful websites for your business
16. Link to your new blog posts (yes its time to get a blog as well)
17. Broadcast updates made to your website
18. Lessons learnt from business that day
19. Promote your other social media networks eg. Facebook, LinkedIn
20. Conduct customer surveys
21. Notify customers to changes in upcoming events
22. Showcase your new TV, radio or print ads
23. Tell your customers about great service you have received from another small business
24. Get feedback on any new systems, software or equipment you plan to purchase
25. Search for new suppliers and contractors
26. Notify customers of product recalls
27. Promote associations and organisations your business belongs to
28. Appointment availabilities caused by last minute cancellations
29. Give tips to show you are an expert in your field – yes free advice, no catches
30. Broadcast news in relation to your industry
31. Highlight your business’s recent media coverage
32. Highlight your Twitter milestones eg. 1000 Followers
33. Profile your staff members
34. Celebrate company milestones eg. 25 years in service
35. Post changes to schedules, timetables or opening hours
36. Update stock information and shipment arrivals
37. Discounts for mentioning your Twitter posts
38. Any appearances you are making eg. trade shows, workshops, seminars
39. Link to any instructional videos you have created
40. Seasonal greeting to customers eg. Merry Christmas, Happy International Left Handers Day
41. New address and phone numbers if you have moved
42. Any unfortunate outages or delays in customers getting service or products from you
43. Promote your client’s product, event or services
44. Highlight any community involvement or charity associations
45. Send reminders to your customers eg. end of financial year approaching, Father’s Day
46. Going on Holidays- set automate Twits to connect to your customers in your absence
47. Give your business a personality – share a joke or two.
48. Link to photos from your latest event, staff party or networking function
49. Promote a business award nomination or achievement
50. Link to forums you regularly participate in (yes you should be doing that as well as Twitter updates)
51. Share cost savings you have made in your business
52. Use twitter as a customer service/help desk for your business
53. Fundraise for a local community organisation
54. Encourage people to follow some of your favourite Twitters
55. If all else fails, make a comment on the weather, that is always an ice breaker!

So how do you use Twitter for your small business?

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