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How to Get Fat

You don’t need to read the statistics about Australia’s expanding waistlines; you only have to go for a walk around the city to see that it’s getting worse.

Type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnoea, depression… the chance of having one or more of these conditions increases with every excess kilo. On top of that, being overweight can lead to an early death, knocking 12 – 13 years off your life.

So the question is, why are our waistlines still growing? We all know the risks involved, so maybe it is becoming more social acceptable to be overweight and to not do anything about it. Keeping that in mind that so many people seem to be happy to gain weight, to let things slide, to increase their waistlines, to invite health complications into their lives and struggle to fit into their clothes; here is a guide to help you gain weight. After all, there is plenty of information out there on how to lose weight and get healthy, but so many people choose to ignore it.

Step 1 – Skip breakfast
Eating breakfast is only good for those looking to maintain a healthy body or to even increase there weight loss. By having a healthy breakfast, you are kickstarting your metabolism which will help you burn more calories during the day – and we all know that burning calories wont help you get that muffin top you’re chasing.

Step 2 – Eat more convenience meals
An adult male should consumer around 2550 calories per day, while a an adult female should take in about 1940 calories. If you are planning to keep your weight on or even increase your weight, you are going to want to add more convenience meals. For example, a McDonalds’s Big Mac, large chips and milk shake will get you 1195 calories. That is just under your recommended daily calorie intake consumed in just one meal. How great is thatif you’re hoping to add a spare tyre to your stomach?! And a deep pan meatlovers from Pizza Hut has 470 calories per slice, you only need to eat three or four slices and you are almost there.

Step 3 – Move less
Now that you have been able to increase the amount of calories into your diet you will want to make sure you arent burning them off and wasting them during the day. It goes without saying, make sure you drive everywhere you can, take the lift instead of the stairs and save your self some money and get rid of that gym membership and personal trainer, after all it is to hard to get there anyway.

Congratulations! You can now reap the benefits of an embarrassingly overgrown waistline.

You don’t need to worry about changing anything and you will never need to worry about doing a push up or going for a run again.

But before you make the decision a permanent one, think about it – just because everyone else is happy to stack on the kilos, is that a good reason for you to it too?

Is living a life of poor health and junk food worth dieing 12 – 13 years younger than you should? Is it worth feeling terrible as your multiple health conditions cut into your life, restricting your ability to have fun, to catch up with friends, to enjoy your life?

Maybe it’s time to get some help, take some steps so you can stop the spread and get that waistline back in check or prevent it from getting worse, rather than just accepting what you see and putting your health at risk.

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