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The first & only Beauty company in Australia awarded CarbonNeutral® status

Daily Essence (Aust) Pty Ltd has become the only beauty and lifestyle brand in Australia to be awarded CarbonNeutral® certification by reducing its carbon footprint to net zero.

This means consumers can feel good in the knowledge that Daily Essence is leaving a significantly minimal carbon footprint compared to other beauty and lifestyle brands in Australia.

To achieve the CarbonNeutral® status, Daily Essence had to prove the positive action it is taking to tackle climate change by completing an assessment with The CarbonNeutral Company.

The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that were measured included, how staff travelled to and from work, the electricity used both in production of the goods and in the offices, the amount of waste, the amount of printing, and suppliers that were used, such as freight. Daily Essence were then accredited CarbonNeutral® status when the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions had been reduced to net zero in accordance with an international standard, known as the CarbonNeutral® Protocol.

Narveen Kaur, Founder, Daily Essence said, “CO2 is the most significant GHG produced as a by-product of human activity.

We are all responsible for producing CO2 however companies should be aware that they are able to make adjustments to cut CO2 and slow climate change. To get to net zero we have offset our emissions this means that we have counter balanced the emissions that we produce with emissions from a verified carbon saving project elsewhere in the world. These projects would not have happened without the carbon credit monies and we have chosen to support the Tirunelveli wind power project in India.”

Around the world, people and businesses are taking voluntary steps to cut their CO2 gas emissions. To emphasise the importance of a reduction in CO2, state, national and international governments have set and agreed on binding GHG reduction targets at numerous levels.

The latest scientific opinion is that to achieve a positive level of environmental sustainability, global GHG reductions of 80% are necessary within the next 50 years. This is a very significant challenge, especially in the context of growing emissions from developing countries and the affect this has on the environment.

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