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Roy Morgan statistics (March 2009) indicate that the use of social networking sites on mobile has grown 125 per cent over the past six months, amongst Australian consumer mobile users aged 14+.

“The social networking community is not longer satisfied with logging on once a day, from their PC. Twitter and Facebook aficionados are updating their status and getting their fix of information in real-time, on the move,” said Jessica Forrest, PR Manager at VHA.

Vodafone and 3 customers wanting to sign-up to Twitter will be able to do so directly from their mobile phone by typing in into their web browser. Previously Tweeters had to sign-up online before being able to access the site from their mobile phone.

Tweeting etiquette
1. Tweet regularly – we want to know now!
2. Be relevant to your audience – no one wants to know what you had for brekkie
3. Don’t be a spectator – participate in conversation
4. Think before you tweet – don’t brag about your sickie
5. Know your acronyms – LOL doesn’t mean “lots of love”

Top mobiles for twittering

1. iPhone 3G S 16GB is $929 up front for Vodafone prepaid customers. Vodafone Prepaid Flexi Caps give customers the freedom to spend their included Flexible Credit any way they like – on Twitter, calls, txt, IM, games, music or mobile TV.
2. HTC Magic with Google, free on Vodafone’s $59 Cap (24 months)
3. Nokia N97, free on Vodafone’s $79 Cap (24 months)
4. BlackBerry Storm, free on Vodafone’s $56 Cap (24 months)

How much does it cost?

Vodafone Prepaid Flexi Caps^ give customers the freedom to spend their included Flexible Credit any way they like – on Twitter, calls, txt etc. They start at $29, which includes $300 total value ($150 Flexible Credit plus $150 for standard calls within Australia to other Vodafone customers). Data is charged at $2 per MB and is billed per KB.

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