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Juggling Act – Motherhood and a Livelihood – From Laptop bags to potty training

Inventor, Supermum, illustrious wife and one time Vogue model explains to us mere mortals how she copes with life and still manages pull the rabbit out of the hat at the end of the day – a cooked meal for the entire family (last night: Fish Pie).

Adina Jacobs, 34, Co-Founder and Product Developer of STM Bags gleefully explains her existance as ” a juggling act, one minute designing laptop bags and the next potty training. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!”

The company she co-founded with business partner Ethan Nyholm in 1998 is an Australian owned company designing stylish, durable and comfortable luggage for laptops and other digital equipment.

The concept grew with the advent of the digital laptop. One thing lead to another and today they employ 5 staff members and distribute all over the globe.

Adina has taken to working 4 days, something which suits her well. “These days we are so mobile, I can do business from anywhere”.

Running your own business has its pros and cons, as do all work situations. But the best thing about creating your own businesses is having the freedom to make the decisions.

There is a fine balance between the two – but “one that is worth it in the end” says Adina..

Fore more details on STM Bags – check out –

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    She sounds like a fictional character..


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