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Don’t Settle For a House…Buy a Town!

There are a lot of unusual properties that are put up for sale, and recently a small town was sold on the eBay website. This town is located in Washington in the United States. It was first established in 1898 when the Gold Rush hit the area and has been there ever since. Now one person owns it all including a log cabin that is 100 years old, a four bedroom ranch, a gas station with a restaurant and now one person also owns the zip code..

When it was sold, it was the second time that the town had been put up for sale. It was previously being offered for $1.1 million US, but it recently sold for only $370,601 US in April. The town was not listed as a distressed property since businesses are being leased for approximately $3000 monthly. It also has a great location close to Whistler BC in Canada.

Unusual properties for sale

There are many other unusual properties that come up for sale. Last year a Gothic castle covering 8250 ft.² with spires and turrets sold for $1.5 million US in Harlem. The skinniest house in New York was sold for $2.1 million USD in Greenwich Village. The house measures only 2.9 m wide by 9.1 m long.

The most expensive home in the world is listed in Mumbai Indiana. It is the first house in the world that goes for more than $1 billion.

There are a lot of unusual properties you can get your hands on at auctions. These sites seem to attract people that are shopping for something a little out of the ordinary and these homes certainly fit the bill! EBay draws a huge crowd of both buyers and sellers, so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary it is the first place you should check. You may also find some interesting homes at local auctions in the area.

Keep your eyes open for a new auction that starts on June 2, 2010. A 2 level Victorian terrace will be optioned off. A bloody battle between the union squatters and police occurred at this home and it is your chance to own a piece of history from Newtown Sydney. Then keep your eyes open for more unusual homes being listed as well. You never know what you will find at an auction!

This article was written by William Eve. William writes about real estate and investment loans for mortgage comparison site HomeLoanFinder.

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