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Getting Over Your Phobias

Fear is normal. We’re all scared of something. But, the levels vary. You might be a little afraid of spiders, but still able to deal with one when you are home alone and you have no choice. You might feel anxious about driving to a new place for the first time, but you force yourself to get in the car and do it anyway. You might even feel a little uncomfortable in the dark, but you get by. These kind of fears are normal. We live with them, and for the most part, they don’t have a negative effect on our lives.

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But, some fears are more than this. They can lead to anxieties that great that you can’t leave the house, or do the things that you love. Real phobias can affect everyday life, harm your health and stop you finding enjoyment in your life. They can interfere with relationships and job prospects, and they can cause you stress, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Whether your fear is just a little annoying, or completely debilitating, here are some tips to help you to get over them.

Identify the Cause

Try to figure out exactly what it is you are scared of. If you are terrified of going to the dentist, it’s unlikely to be the dentist him or herself that you are frightened of. Are you scared that it will hurt? Do the sounds and smells bother you? Is it just that you don’t know what will happen when you get there so you can’t prepare?

If you can identify exactly what you are scared of, you’ve got a much better chance to combat it. You could try a new dentist like some one at Bowral Street Dental Practice, who will put you at ease. You could wear headphones and listen to music so that you are distracted from the sounds of any equipment. Or, you could ask your dentist to talk you through everything before you get in the chair, and then to keep you informed all the way through.

Think hard about your fears, and try to locate what it is you are scared of. Break it down, and try to find things that will make you more comfortable or take your mind off your anxiety.

Confront It

It’s not always possible to just force yourself to get on with it. But, if it is, you should. Get rid of the spider, get in the driving seat more often and go for regular dentist check-ups. Try to do the things that you are scared of more often, and they’ll soon lose their power over you.

Talk About it

Sometimes, we think that we’re alone. We believe that our fears are silly, and we try to hide them. Then, one day you might mention it to a friend, only to find that they feel exactly the same. Just realising that you are not the only person feeling this way can help you to take back some control of the situation.

Expect the Best

One of the main reasons that we get scared is that we always think of the worst case. We worry about what will happen if everything goes wrong. Try to be more positive. Don’t expect the worst, expect the best. Then, even if things do go wrong, you won’t have had time to panic.

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