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The pharmacy delivery app revolutionising how Australians get their medicine

Tonic - pharmacy delivery app

Tonic – pharmacy delivery app

In a world where almost everything is ordered online, two Brisbane entrepreneurs have launched an Australian first – a pharmacy delivery app.

The Tonic App allows users to upload a photo of a prescription and nominate a time and place where their medicine, and over-the-counter pharmacy products, will be delivered.

Tonic co-founders Guy McKenzie and Adam Gilmore came up with the idea of the app while waiting in line at a pharmacy.

“We were waiting for a script to be filled and I was holding my sick toddler who was crying, and I just thought ‘there has to be a better way to get medication’,” Mr Gilmore said.

Tonic has proven popular with varied demographics from those in their late teens through to seniors.

“We’ve seen at-home parents using the service, through to busy city workers who can’t make time in the day to head to a pharmacy to get what they need,’ Mr Gilmore said.

“Young mums in particular have responded well to the app’s feature of automatically delivering prescription medication which has repeats. Scripts are uploaded to the app via a photo and saved there.

“It means you know where to find them, and if repeats are running out, the Tonic App will send an alert to the user, so they know it’s time to head back to the doctor.”

Brisbane mother of two, Keryn Honeycombe now relies on the Tonic App for her teenage boys aged 13 and 15.

“Time is always of the essence as a mum, and I enjoy knowing that I’ve got the kids’ prescriptions saved in the app, so I can order the medicine on my phone and have it at my door by the next day.

“I’m the kind of person who does things when I remember to do them. I think technology gives mums a lot more flexibility when it comes to managing kids and what they need.

“I almost get disappointed when you aren’t able to book something online or use an app, as I rely on it so heavily.”

Users can also select from 7,500 non-prescription products which span everything from pain relief, through to confectionary, skin care and cosmetics.

Mr Gilmore said unlike other online orders, the Tonic App allows users to nominate exactly where and when they would like their delivery to be made. They can then track the order once it’s placed.

The Tonic App has distinguished itself from other delivery services by ensuring that convenience doesn’t come at a cost of quality of care. To do that, those who order prescription medication via the app still speak with a pharmacist, to discuss medication dosage and any associated risks.

“Users have reacted really positively to the privacy of a phone call because it avoids that awkwardness of divulging personal health information in a crowded pharmacy.”

The Tonic App is available on iOS and Android with delivery across Brisbane. It is due to launch nationally in coming months.

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