Why an Australian digital agency built their own project management app

Your Creative, a small digital and branding agency based in Melbourne have spent the last two years building a project management tool after being frustrated at the options they had on the market, introducing Hassl. The goal was deliberately kept simple – get rid of everyday admin hassles so they could release the energies of a project manager to creative matters. The result? No more emails to each other, no more losing files, no more messing up file naming and no more asking when deadlines were.

The philosophy at yc. is to give people creative space and purpose. What underlines that is having the time to find the good work to do the good work. What they have done with Hassl is build a piece of technology that incorporates their philosophy; just get the necessities done so they can focus on solving problems.

Hassl is a virtual know-it-all. A one-stop authority to streamline everyday business processes, reflecting how businesses interact internally and with stakeholders. Its purpose is to manage everything to do with a project – from how we share files, communicate and manage deadlines.

The aim is to give people more time to have conversations with each other, their teams and clients and eliminating the nitty-gritty, administrative, red tape stuff. They’re determined to avoid the dreaded bloat, undertanding that if ‘features’ become a dominant element of growth over usability, then the whole point will have been lost. It’s purposefully built with no unnecessary stuff. Its defining characteristic had to be minimal training and its dialogue needed to feel natural.

The approach to creating Hassl was to observe and problem solve. yc. didn’t make a wish list of features, but instead questioned the mechanics of  every day work habits.

The Hassl team have recently returned from the Forbes Under 30 summit in Boston where they launched to App in the US and are off to Lisbon next week for the 2018 Web Summit. Hassl is currently in Beta stage offering free accounts to all users and are launching the app in November.

Key Features

Todo list

There are project boards that list every single task for all to see. However, what often used to slip through the cracks was updating these boards. With Hasslyou’re able to add a project task to your individual to-do list. Once you’ve ticked-off that task it’ll automatically update the project board. This not only puts the accountability on the individual but also means that the project manager can see your progress without having to fret.


Text messages are kept for really personal things and polite emails to people that you share your loo with can sound stiff, fake and full of pretence. When it comes to reaching out to creative people in the midst of flow, disturbance can result in ideas lost, so having Chat integrated into your project interface makes digital communication as easy as a chat in the office.

UI Joys

Ease of use is not quantifiable but you know it when you experience it. At yc., we are all a fan of hidden User Interface gems.  When you make your way around Hassl, you’ll find that there are certain things that just .. feel nice. Like the ‘fact of the day’ at the bottom of your to-do list or the weather; they simply create a pleasant everyday environment. It’s with small traits like these that we’ve had the pleasure, and honour, to create Hassl’s personality.


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